They can be commented on by their followers

They can be commented on by their followers
They can be commented on by their followers

Instagram is preparing a wall so that users of the social network can publish short notes of up to 60 charactersto which your followers will be able to respond.

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Notes, introduced by Instagram in late January, allow users to use text and emojis to share short messages with their followers or friends.

Currently, these notes sit at the top of your inbox and disappear after 24 hours, replaced by new posts. There is no notification of its publication, and responses arrive as direct messages to the inbox.

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Instagram is in the process of developing a wall that will display these notes in collage form., as revealed by developer Alessandro Paluzzi on his X profile (former Twitter). This wall will be accessible from the user’s profile.

On the wall, the 60 character limit will remain in place, allowing users to post multiple notes at once and pin some of them. In addition, followers and friends will have the possibility to respond to the notes and express their approval by indicating that they like them.

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Instagram now allows you to edit sent messages just like WhatsApp function

One of the most notable updates to WhatsApp this year was video messages to communicate in a different way. Call links allow any user who has the link to join your meeting, whether or not it is saved in their contacts.

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Other changes were also made such as the option to edit texts sent to a contact. However, this has the condition that this modification be made before 15 minutes of arrival, after that estimated time the user will not be able to modify the text.

Now, this option, which was long awaited by many WhatsApp consumers, has moved to Instagram, one of the most used social networks among young people that is also part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta applications.

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