It took me years to find out that the streets of Silent Hill refer to horror novel writers

It took me years to find out that the streets of Silent Hill refer to horror novel writers
It took me years to find out that the streets of Silent Hill refer to horror novel writers

Konami was clear about who to look at to create survival horror in the cursed town

Although the Silent Hill saga has been on hiatus for more years than we would like, the truth is that Konami is going to revive the franchise with the remake of the second installment. We will be able to visit the cursed town again with James Sunderland and walk the streets covered in thick fog (although it really is not).

That is why it is essential to use a map to be able to orient ourselves towards the objective and the names of the avenues should be remembered so as not to get lost. The surprising thing is that if we look at them, we will see that they are actually references to some of the masterminds of horror. For example, in the case of the first Silent Hillpublished in 1998 for the PS1, we have the following nods:

  • Finney Street: reference to Jack Finney, American author of the 20th century. He focused on the horror and science fiction genre, creating works such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • Bloch Street: reference to Robert Bloch, American author responsible for Psycho. The book was later adapted by Joseph Stefano for the Alfred Hitchock film.
  • Matheson Street: reference to Richard Matheson, American author and screenwriter who participated in numerous projects. I Am Legend and The Shrinking Man were published in his own handwriting, at the same time that he gave shape to episodes of The Twilight Zone.
  • Bachman Road: Richard Bachman is not a real person, but rather the pseudonym that Stephen King used to publish novels such as The Long March or The Fugitive.
  • Bradbury Street: In this case we are talking about Ray Bradbury, who showed his talent in the unique story of Fahrenheit 451. In addition, The Martian Chronicles is also his authorship.
  • Levin Street: Linked to suspense, Ira Levin stood out for Rosemary’s Baby, a book that was later turned into a chilling film starring Mia Farrow and directed by Roman Polanski in 1968.
  • Ellroy Street: The crime novel is the field in which James Ellroy handles himself best. The very famous author has given us such good pieces as LA Confidential or La Dalia Negra.
  • Midwich Street: John Wyndham was an English author who stood out for mixing horror with science fiction, offering results as good as Cop to Mars or The Chrysalids.

Throughout the numerous installments of Silent Hill We have been able to see more streets and corners of the city, so the winks have increased. Of course, the Konami team was very clear on whom to base themselves when it came to shaping one of the masterpieces of the genre.

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