How do the new WhatsApp audio chats work and what are they for?

How do the new WhatsApp audio chats work and what are they for?
How do the new WhatsApp audio chats work and what are they for?

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application, has taken the user experience a step further by launching ‘Voice Chats for Large Groups’. This new feature, designed to more effectively connect large communities, allows users to have conversations in large groups in a less intrusive way than conventional group calls.

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What are voice chats?

In essence, voice chats are an ideal tool for those times when you need to share information or simply chat with several group members at the same time. The feature allows users to join the voice chat if they are available to talk, while the rest can continue sending messages as normal, creating a dynamic similar to a communication channel. Discord.

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How do they work?

Activating this new functionality is simple. It starts with a pop-up window in the group, where the users They just have to press to join the voice chat. Plus, call controls remain integrated at the top of the screen. conversationallowing users to unmute, hang up, or send quick messages without leaving the chat.

An attractive feature of this feature is that voice chats can start silently, avoiding intrusive sounds like in conventional audio calls. Additionally, the chat initiator can select who to notify about the communication to join.

It is important to highlight that WhatsApp continues to prioritize the security and privacy of its users, with end-to-end encryption by default in voice chats, calls and messages personal.

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How to start a voice chat in WhatsApp groups?

For those interested in taking advantage of this new functionality, the steps are simple:

  • Enter a group with 33 or more participants.
  • Click on the audio wave icon to create a voice chat.
  • The ‘Waiting for other participants’ notice will appear.
  • When some members join, tap the microphone button to start speaking.

When will coz chats be available?

Voice Chats will roll out globally in the coming weeks, starting with groups that have 33 members or more. This innovation promises to significantly improve communication in large groups, giving users a more fluid and personalized experience. In Ecuador some users already have the function available.

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