the new Steam sensation is Lethal Company

the new Steam sensation is Lethal Company
the new Steam sensation is Lethal Company

A few weeks ago we told you about Lethal Company and the great reception that the Zeekerss title was having. A single developer has been able to offer us a cooperative adventure in which terror combines with survival together with a friend to get out of the most unlikely places successfully.

Taking a look at the reviews made by users on Steam we can already get an idea that we are looking at a quality title. With more than 23,000 reviews published, 97% of them are marked as positive, but the numbers of simultaneous players on the platform are just as overwhelming.

On November 15, Lethal Company It marked more than 50,000 concurrent users, but the figure has progressively increased as the days have passed. Just yesterday, November 20, it set its historical record with 117,278 people enjoying a game and Every day the previous record is increasedso we do not yet know what its ceiling will be.

This good performance allows it to sneak into the top 10 most played games on all of Steam and rub shoulders with the Call of Duty franchise or GTA V, among others. The work is still in the early access phase and invites us to explore space moons that have been abandoned by the company we work for. Our task will be to collect the best scrap metal possible and we will do it with a friend by our side speaking on a walkie talkie.

However, the problem comes when a group of terrifying creatures will stand in our way. We will have to use traps, radars and all kinds of mechanisms to avoid danger, while at the same time we visit new scenarios thanks to the rewards we receive for our work.

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