Xbox page for Hollow Knight Silksong goes live… on April 1

Xbox page for Hollow Knight Silksong goes live… on April 1
Xbox page for Hollow Knight Silksong goes live… on April 1

After Hollow Knight in PC, Steam Deck, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, there is a desire for Silksong. And since Team Cherry does not give up, advertisements like the one on your page Microsoft Store They are taken as a joke.

But it doesn’t seem like that and this is quite real, you can already see the game sheet for Microsoft consoles and it may be that for some it contains much more than meets the eye.

But it would be better to first review how these announcements came about, because things are funny. And being direct,why they have chosen April Fool’s Day to activate it?

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First it was Tao Sila, Head of Product Marketing at Xbox, who said in a “No, this is not an April joke. The HKS Wish Page is now live on Xbox“.

And this tweet was followed from Matthew Griffin -responsible for Marketing and publishing of the game- who announced the same for the next Team Cherry game.

Of course, something like this has made Hollow Knight Silksong is back in Twitter Trends again and many excited not at all, although it is a step forward.

Rise to the top of a vast and bewitching realm in Hollow Knight: Silksong. The sequel to the award-winning action adventure Hollow Knight arrives.

Explore, fight and survive as Hornet, the protector princess of Hallownest, as you discover a land ruled by silk and song“, reads its synopsis in the store.

We are still not clear when this game will arrive and if it will do so during the present 2024, but at least we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hollow Knight Silksong activates its page in the Xbox store

And if we add to this that last month it was updated on Steam 14 months later or that fans of the game no longer know what to do to get the attention of its creators…

Furthermore, April Fools’ jokes play tricks on various fans, of this game and others like God of War or Resident Evil.

Maybe Hollow Knight Silksong now has its page active in the Xbox store and add to those of PlayStation, Nintendo and Steam/GOGbut fans don’t know whether to get excited about the day it happened.

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