Jeep Wrangler 2024, first driving impression

The Jeep Wrangler is, without a doubt, an off-road icon and the reason why many people, when they say they want an SUV, say “I want a Jeep.” Well today, that icon is renewed and one of the most important changes is under the hood, replacing the veteran 3.6 Pentastar engine with a modern and efficient 2.0 turbocharged.}

It should be noted that on this occasion we were only able to drive the Sport version. Why not the Rubicon? Well, because the 25 units that arrived in Chile have already been sold.

Jeep Wrangler 2024: design and size

With a design that hasn’t changed much since its second generation (TJ launched in 1997), The Wrangler can be considered one of the most continuous vehicles over time, with a facade that has not been modified in more than 20 years. And if something works, there is no need to change it.

It measures 4.88 meters long, 1.85 m high and 1.89 m wide, and a wheelbase of just 3 meters.. They are dimensions that make it look like an imposing vehicle anywhere, to which are added its large tires in sizes 245/75 R17 (Nexen brand).


On the outside the changes are subtle, but enough to deliver a renewed image. Yes, it’s still a rectangle with wheels, but there are new creases, a new grille, a new design of the bulky black plastics, and new wheels.

The brand reported that only the 4-door version will be sold in Chile, and that the 2-door is basically ruled out due to its low sales.

2024 Jeep Wrangler: Interior impressions


Inside, space is good in the first row, but a bit tight for the occupants of the second, if we talk about knee room. The trunk, meanwhile, exceeds 500 liters. and can carry a good amount of luggage.

In design there are not many changes compared to the previous generation, but the update of the infotainment system stands out, which is now the Uconnect 5, which has a large 12.3” screen with support for Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlaythe possibility of connecting two devices via Bluetooth, new driving profiles and the option to manage most of the vehicle’s settings from a new menu.

The materials are still adequate, without great refinement, but designed to withstand abuse. All seat adjustments are manual, but we have heating in both the seats and the steering wheel.


The practicality is correct, we have a large amount of space to store objects and the spaciousness of the cabin feels, in part, due to the layout of the dashboard and the height of the ceiling. The buttons are abundant and everything is at hand, except in the second row, where the windows are in the center console and we do not have any USB output.

A separate point are the levers, and in this case we have two. One for our 8-speed automatic transmission, and the second for our traction modes 2H – 4H Auto – 4H Part Time – 4L. They are maintained from the previous generation and are one of the essential elements of this vehicle. The fact that they are not replaced by a selector or buttons has to do with their identity, and gives us a feeling of robustness and a car that, within everything, maintains something analog, allowing us to connect with its mechanics.

The Wrangler grows in safety and All models have six airbags, in addition to some driving assistance (ADAS), such as blind spot alert, adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance, forward collision alert, automatic high beam activation, hill start assistance, keyless access, isofix anchors and reversing camera.

2024 Jeep Wrangler: Driving Impressions

The route taken at the press launch was a stretch from Santiago to Puertecillo (around 200 km), with moments in highway, dirt roads, corn, sand, stones, etc.. The drive in the city was relatively short, but it allowed us to have some insights into the big change under the hood and the new calibration of its chassis. The good thing is that by sharing the car, we were able to walk around all the seats and gather sensations from each of the positions.

The biggest change is the engine. We left behind the veteran 3.6-liter Pentastar and replaced it with a modern and efficient 2.0 turbo from the Hurricane family, which delivers 270 HP and 400 Nm of torque, managed by an eight-speed automatic transmission. and a traction system with electronic selector using a lever in the cabin. While there is slightly less power, there is significantly more torque.


When accelerating we immediately notice the difference in torque with the previous generation, and when moving even through the city, we realize that the chassis feels different. The new calibration makes it much more body-friendly, especially for rear occupants who no longer have to deal with excessive swaying or constantly crashing into the seats..

When reaching uneven terrain that is a little broken, the suspension can easily copy the path of the road and keep the car firm, and when things get complicated and become steeper, we connect the 4H Auto traction and venture out. easily without having to slow down so much.

The 4H Part Time and 4L traction modes are reserved for the most intense moments, and we were also able to test them. The 4H was used on a road with rocks and bridge crossings with the presence of holes up to 70 cm deep, which at an adequate speed, were not a problem. some for the Wrangler. The 4L, on the other hand, was used for a long stretch of loose sand of approximately 4 kilometers, where the gears stretched up to 4,000 rpm, while we managed to move forward without problems. until you reach a corn road.

The sensations as a driver and as a passenger were quite pleasant and common for a bumpy road. The good thing is that there were no excessive rebounds, the engine does not feel forced and the power delivery is not abrupt or coarse, it can be easily regulated with the accelerator, we did not feel at any time that the car was slipping out of our hands. There is a notable evolution with respect to the past Wrangler that was rougher in handling.

Jeep Wrangler 2024: marketing

This new Wrangler is only available in four-door versions and, for the moment, with the 2.0 turbo as the engine. We asked the brand about the 4XE hybrid versions and they informed us that for the moment they are ruled out, mostly due to price issues.

The values ​​for the two available versions are $56,990,000 for the Sport and $65,990,000 for the Rubicon. For now there are no bonuses or discounts with financing, and the brand hopes to market about 300 units per year in total.

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