G-SHOCK releases the watch that will revolutionize the Chilean market

G-SHOCK releases the watch that will revolutionize the Chilean market
G-SHOCK releases the watch that will revolutionize the Chilean market

Technology and durability are important components when choosing a watch. For this reason, G-SHOCK launched a new line to accompany all those who seek challenges in nature. These models are designed to operate in the harshest environments equipped with everything necessary to withstand extreme conditions.

The “Master Of G” collection includes the RANGEMAN GPR-H1000-9 and GPR-H1000-1 pieces that have a structure resistant to mud, dust and impacts. In addition, they are equipped with a heart rate monitor, integrated GPS functionality and have a rechargeable battery with USB charging and solar-assisted charging. Its innovation allows Bluetooth® connection, an automatic calendar and world time in 38 cities.

Likewise, the case is protected by large metal components, which protect the GPS antenna and the six sensors that the watch has. Other components of these pieces are that they have lunar data, tide tables and sunrise and sunset times, providing relevant information for sports that have to do with the sea.

“This line was born with the intention of creating watches capable of accompanying our customers anywhere. G-SHOCK is a brand that is identified by the absolute resistance of its pieces, so we wanted to take this durability to the next level and deliver a model that is suitable for all extreme outdoor sports and disciplines. “We believe that the Rangeman from the Master Of G line should be used by people who seek challenges and adventures in their daily lives,” comments Thiago Nadotti, Casio Marketing Assistant Manager for Latin America.

GPR models are compatible with multiple sports activities, including trekking, running, walking, cycling, swimming, gym and interval training. In each of these disciplines it marks the distances, time, pace, altitudes and descents in case of mountaineering, calories burned and heart rate.

The resin components of the frame, casing and strap of these watches are made from a bio-based material, the material produced with renewable organic resources aims to reduce environmental impact.

More information about these and other models on the Casio Latin America site at https://www.casio.com/latin/ and through Instagram at @gshock_chile and @btimechileof.


G-SHOCK, with an impact-resistant design and structure, is synonymous with absolute resistance. It was created from Engineer Ibe’s dream of developing “the unbreakable watch.” Around 200 samples were designed and handmade and tested until the now iconic G-SHOCK was released on the market in 1983, which began to position itself as “the most resistant watch of all time.” All G-SHOCK watches have two features that make them unique, impact resistance and water resistance to 200 meters. Some models also have other technologies such as resistance to electric shock, centrifugal gravity, magnetism, low temperatures, vibration, etc. The watch is manufactured with CASIO innovations and technologies that protect it from direct impacts; This includes a unique design and structure and materials such as urethane resin as well as internal cushioning components that make the module “suspended” resulting in a “hollow” case structure of the watch.

Since its launch, G-SHOCK has continued Engineer Ibe’s philosophy of evolution: “never give up.”

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