This is how the NordLocker cloud works, where you can safely host files

This is how the NordLocker cloud works, where you can safely host files
This is how the NordLocker cloud works, where you can safely host files

If you want to keep your files safe, it is key to use a service that is stable, guarantees and offers good encryption. Only in this way can you prevent these documents from falling into the wrong hands and potentially putting online privacy at risk. Make sure you choose a good cloud and here we can name the example of NordLocker.

Nord Locker, an option for your files

It belongs to the well-known NordVPN. It is a cloud storage service that promises protect files as much as possible. You can access it through its website and find the different versions for Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. The main promise of this cloud storage, is that no one will be able to access your files. Everything will be stored end-to-end encrypted, with the highest levels of privacy. This will protect us from possible intruders who may see the content and even leak it.

You will also be able to share data securely with third parties or synchronize files between devices. The latter is useful, since you can have your content anywhere, simply by having a device with Internet access. You can enter from your computer, mobile phone or any other device without problems. Another point to highlight is that they promise that the files will be safe in different circumstances, such as the loss of the device, the entry of malware or any unwanted access. They will preserve all the information you store in the cloud and thus avoid losing data or having it end up in the wrong hands.

Different plans

As always when we use a cloud storage service, there are different plans available. The most basic, the free one, has 3 GB of storage capacity. Yes, it falls short if we compare it to Google Drive, for example, but it can be more than enough for those who don’t need more than that and want to have their documents perfectly protected.

There are also higher plans, 500GB and 2TB, for which you will have to pay. Depending on whether you choose the one-month or one-year plan, you will pay more or less. However, in both the free and paid versions you will be able to encrypt files unlimitedly, without being tied to a maximum capacity. The difference that you can find, beyond the storage capacity, is that the paid versions protect the files you are going to share, while the free version does not. If you are going to use this feature, then you would be interested in the paid one. If what you are going to do is only host files for yourself, in this sense it would not matter to you.

In short, NordLocker is another option you have to host files in the cloud. You can use it to save documents that you want to keep securely, fully encrypted and risk-free. It is important to avoid errors when uploading files to the cloud, as it could affect you.

A very interesting alternative to NordLocker that does not have a monthly subscription is pCloud, this popular service will allow us to pay in one go and enjoy Cloud storage from 500GB to 10TB capacity, and all for life. This pCloud service has additional services that do require an annual subscription, but without a doubt, the most interesting thing is its cloud storage with a single payment. At RedesZone we have a complete pCloud analysis where you can see all the details, an important aspect is that it is compatible with any operating system.

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