Your Smart TV could make annoying changes to your Windows computer without your permission

He mentions that, since recent years, your Windows computer It has given him some problems that, however, were more annoying than problematic. For example, for some reason I couldn’t discover, I didn’t have the ability to open the Windows Display Settings menu. But since it wasn’t something that affected his daily life, she had ignored it.

The reason behind the problems

Snow thought that by updating Windows and moving to Windows 11 everything would be solved. He even performed a clean installation of the operating system. But the problems were still there and even he found himself with additional ones, since some of his most used tools stopped working. Over time, as he says, a pattern can be seen: there were Windows items that disappeared and then they appeared or did not appear again.

Updating graphics card drivers and making other adjustments worked for a period of time and then everything got complicated again. There came a moment of desperation when she took to Reddit to see if he could find anything. In the end he discovered what was happening to him and that it was very surreal: your Smart TV with Android TV, a Hisense model, was taking responsibility. Both devices were, as usual, connected to the same home network, which created a common point between the two.

It mentions that the problem is that the Smart TV generates random UUIDs for the discovery of the UPNP network. And this is something the television system does every few minutes. What happens as a consequence is that Windows logs all discoveries what he does on television. And it records them all as if they were new, which means that it occurs endlessly. As a result, different elements of Windows go out of control. For example, the Task Manager, which is responsible for listing all the times the television is “discovered”. The computer’s Bluetooth and the Settings application are also put in check, all of which is involved in the TV discovery process.

Snow comments that he had been using television for a long time and had never been in a situation like that. She had thought about changing computers, but it is possible that she would have run into the same problem, which would be doubly frustrating. In the end, luckily, as we tell you, found the solution.

He has had to eliminate all the codes created by television, a process that was not exactly quick. But in the end, after removing everything, she found that everything started working correctly again. The situation is surprising, since everything seemed to be a Windows problem and, in the end, the error and what was causing it was on the television. Some time after the adjustment, everything is in good condition and no other problems have arisen, although if it ends up happening again, you know what you will have to do.

This does not mean that it has to happen with all Smart televisions, especially since this is a fairly isolated case. And it is more than likely that the Canadian Hisense model that has been affected, the 50-inch Hisense 50Q8G 4K, has already been updated. In any case, it is a rather curious incident that makes us see that the connection between televisions and computers may be deeper than we think.

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