Albion Online relaunches in Europe with a new server

Albion Online relaunches in Europe with a new server
Albion Online relaunches in Europe with a new server

Albion Online relaunches in Europe with a new server

On April 24, the doors of the highly anticipated European server of ‘Albion Online’ were opened. The installment is characterized by being a free sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive in Unity entirely in Spanish, which was released for the first time in the West in 2017 on PC and mobile devices, offering players total freedom of choice about the future of their character. . After seven years of international success on its American server, this week the developer has opened a new server in Europe that promises to improve the connection and experience of all players.

A world without limits

The adventure begins with the creation of our digital alter ego through a very simple character creator where we can choose the basic appearance of our avatar. After that, the player must choose one of the five main capitals where to appear and begin their adventure.

In ‘Albion Online’, freedom is the key. There are no predefined missions or set paths. Players forge their own destiny by exploring the vast world, collecting resources, crafting items, trading with other players, and engaging in large-scale PvP battles. It should be noted that there are five main biomes in the world of Albion and each of them has some unique resources that can only be obtained there.

‘Albion Online’.

Resources are very important in this MMO and every object in ‘Albion Online’, from the most basic weapons and armor to potions and food, is created by the players. This generates a dynamic and complex economy where supply and demand determine prices. Skilled players can become rich by trading, crafting valuable or in-demand items, or controlling important resources.

Although ‘Albion Online’ is conceived as an MMORPG with a strong tendency towards confrontation between players, the truth is that the map is divided into several different types of regions, some of which do not allow players to kill each other. On the contrary, in the red and black areas of the map, players will not only be able to kill their enemies, but they will also be able to steal (or lose if defeated) all the objects they are carrying. Pure adrenaline.

An MMO without pre-established classes

In ‘Albion Online’ there are no predefined classes. Instead, players define their combat style by equipping different weapons and armor. This allows for a wide variety of builds and strategies, making combat dynamic and exciting.

Each type of weapon or armor offers players new abilities. The more they use a weapon or armor, the greater their skill with it. For example, players who decide to equip plate armor will gain more defense and skills that will allow them to resist enemy attacks on the front lines. Of course, Albion’s interesting progression system allows adventurers to mix different pieces of equipment, of various types, to obtain new abilities with which to further personalize each character.

‘Albion Online’.

The item and skill system has great versatility. In a matter of weeks we will be able to raise a mastery to the maximum, and at any time, players will be able to do a 180º turn and start trying a different weapon or another type of equipment. Of course, by changing our weapons, our expertise with them will start from scratch.

It’s great to see how ‘Albion Online’ doesn’t lock you into a class or role for life, where you’ll have complete freedom to change your play style at any time. With a little time and dedication, anyone can become the best version of themselves.

In constant evolution

‘Albion Online’ is one of the few MMOs that offers a truly cross-platform experience. Players can play on PC, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS, using the same account. This allows players to come together and enjoy together no matter what platform they are using. The optimization of the game is outstanding, and giving up having the best graphics on the market allows players to enjoy one of the best simplified titles to date.

Delivery is constantly evolving. The developers release regular updates that add new content, zones, items, balance the game, and improve the overall experience for adventurers. Proof of this is that this European server arrives with all the PvP options and features published during the last seven years, from the new zones, to the Hellgates (solo or team PvP events), new mounts and more.


‘Albion Online’ is a fun and spectacular MMO that will not leave anyone indifferent. Its PvP section shines and allows adventurers to fight and prove their worth on equal terms. Since its official launch in 2017, there has never been a better time to download and explore all its territories. Now, thanks to the European server, Sandbox Interactive allows players to enjoy all the events and activities available in Albion at a more appropriate time and, also, with excellent ping.

The opening of the new server is being a resounding success and proof of this is the large number of players who have decided to try the game. The cities are bustling with activity and the world of Albion is only growing. We can only recommend to all lovers of the MMO genre, download and forge your own story in ‘Albion Online’.

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