Instagram will hide duplicate posts and non-original content

The company changes the rules that allow published content to go viral and that until now rewarded the theft of photos and videos from other users

A change to the algorithm that recommends content on instagram threatens to destabilize the enormous ecosystem of viral accounts that has grown on the platform over recent years. From now on, Instagram will stop rewarding with visibility to accounts that reuse photos or videos of other users of the service.

The measure affects what Goal, owner of Instagram, calls “aggregators”; accounts that simply publish what other users upload to the platform as a “selection”. These types of accounts often gain millions of followers using these tactics, and few even attribute the content to the original author. The popularization of the new short video format, which Instagram calls “reels”, has skyrocketed the number of this type of aggregators.

From now on they will have it more difficult. Instagram assures It will only give visibility within its algorithm to the original content. Although it will allow this type of account to continue to exist, if it detects the use of more than 10 posts from other users over the course of a month, they will lose priority in the algorithm.

This change affects the function of Discover, which proposes photos and videos of new users. Appearing on that page can boost the number of followers of an account and turn it into a business. It also affects the videos suggested after watching one of the reels or the publications on the main page of the application.

If the algorithm detects that a video that a user might like is a duplicate, it will show the original author’s video instead. The application will also automatically tag the videos that are uploaded if it detects that they belong to other users, although the aggregator, if desired, can remove this tag.

“It takes a lot of time and effort to create original content, and those who create it must obtain credit and distribution even when it is republished by other accounts,” they assure from Meta that there will be exceptions with media and other companies that have rights to duplicate a user’s content, such as a photography agency Post the photos of a photographer who also shares their work on Instagram.

Another of the parameters that Meta has decided change in its algorithm is that of the popularity of the suggested accounts. Until now, accounts with more followers and engagement were more likely to be featured as suggested content.

This created a vicious circle in which more popular accounts tended to grow faster at the expense of smaller or unknown creators. With the new algorithm, Instagram ensures that the number of followers will no longer have weight when recommending accounts.

The changes to the algorithm will begin to be applied now, but will take a few months to roll out to the different regions.

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