double screen for an experience at another level – Modoradio

double screen for an experience at another level – Modoradio
double screen for an experience at another level – Modoradio

Equipped with a double 14″ touch screen, with 3K resolution, which provides versatility and adaptability for multiple tasks, as well as a processor Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 with integrated Neural Processing Unit and Windows 11 with Microsoft Copilot assistant for AI capabilities, the new ASUS laptop lands in the local market.

ASUS has presented in Chile the new Zenbook Duo, a laptop that marks a milestone in productivity, creativity and entertainment, thanks to its revolutionary design with double touch screen ASUS Lumina OLED 14-inch and a detachable wireless keyboard. With an approach aimed at creative professionals, students and users who value efficiency in their workflow, this laptop offers an incomparable experience, and its design and innovative spirit have made it one of the most awarded, receiving a total of 24 awards. like the best of CES 2024 from different specialized media and the organization of the prestigious technology fair.

The new one Zenbook DUO 2024 It is equipped with the revolutionary processors Intel® Core™ Ultrawhich incorporate the first neural processing unit (NPU) of Intel and advanced AI acceleration capabilities. Its powerful processor and integration with AI optimize the user experience, making it an indispensable tool for everyday life.

Two screens for an unparalleled experience

ASUS has stood out within the industry for its capacity for innovation, which has led it to develop unique and incredible products. An example of this passion for innovation is its portfolio of dual-screen laptops, a format with which the Taiwanese brand had its first approach in 2012 with the ASUS TaiChiand which later, in 2018, he began to explore further, with the creation of the concept Project Precog and the first laptop with ScreenPad™, a touch screen housed in the touchpad of select devices in the Zenbook line.

After several iterations of the dual-screen format and with more than 1 million units sold around the world, ASUS returns to its initial concept of double 14” screen with the new Zenbook DUO 2024 (UX8406)

The Zenbook Duo 2024 offers an incomparable experience thanks to its two touch screens ASUS Lumina OLED 14″, with impressive resolution 3K (2880 x 1800 pixels) each and one quick 120Hz refresh rate. The second screen expands your workspace and allows you to multitask simultaneously.

With its innovative design, this new device in the line Zenbookprovides the flexibility to use it in a vertical position, as a laptop, with or without the keyboard Bluetooth® including.

The virtual keyboard is specially optimized to provide a smooth and accurate typing experience. Additionally, you can access a virtual touchpad by simply touching the screen with three fingers, or control the laptop with a single touch or the swipe of a stylus, depending on user preference.

If you prefer the traditional laptop format clamshellsimply place the keyboard ErgoSense Bluetooth® on the lower screen and use the Zenbook DUO just like you would with any other laptop. Plus, the bottom screen turns off automatically to help you save power and extend battery life. In both modes, you can use the folding stand case to raise the frame by 12°, giving you a comfortable typing angle.

The vertical dual-screen configuration allows you to make the most of the space on both screens. Open the laptop at an angle between 40º and 70º with the integrated kickstand and you have the option of using the keyboard ErgoSense connecting it using pogo pins or Bluetooth® to work comfortably and enjoy ample viewing space.

If you are used to working with an external monitor on your desk, but occasionally need to work elsewhere without access to an external display, you can place the screens horizontally and use the keyboard Bluetooth® in desktop mode.

Each screen of the Zenbook Duo covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and has the prestigious certification DisplayHDR™ True Black 500, guaranteeing the deepest blacks possible. Additionally, these screens are validated by Pantone to ensure realistic colors and an exceptionally accurate viewing experience.

Performance and portability without compromises

The Zenbook Duo 2024 is equipped with the latest processor Intel® Core™ Ultra 9, up to 32 GB of RAM and a storage PCIe 4.0 SSD up to 2TB, allowing it to deliver exceptional performance even in the most demanding tasks. Plus, for ultra-fast wireless connection, it features WiFi 6E.

With certification Intel® Evo™the Zenbook Duo ensures instant startup, fast WiFi, and long-lasting battery life to keep you productive all day long. It also offers a wide range of ports, including two connectors Thunderbolt™ 4, an HDMI 2.1 input, a USB type A and a 3.5mm audio jack.

“With its three dedicated engines (CPU, GPU and NPU), the processors Intel® Core™ Ultra They offer great potential to unleash the power of AI. For the history of personal processors in Chile, this undoubtedly marks a great milestone. Being equipped with processors Intel® Core™ Ultrawith the Zenbook Duo “immersive graphic experiences can be created and high-performance processing can be enabled with low energy consumption,” he says. Vanessa García Fiol, marketing director for Latin America Intel.

According to the processor company, this new development also has Intel® AI Boostan integrated AI engine that enables low-power AI acceleration and offloading of the CPU or GPU, while Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator processes AI voice and audio applications, while freeing up CPU resources to increase overall system performance and responsiveness.

Despite its powerful hardware, the Zenbook Duo 2024 It is surprisingly portable, weighing only 1.65kg (with keyboard, 1.35Kg without keyboard) and a thickness of 19.9 mmallowing you to take it with you wherever you go without sacrificing performance.

Innovation and comfort for a superior user experience

The new one Zenbook Duo It is packed with innovative features that make it an ideal tool for productivity and creativity, taking advantage of the latest advances in AI technologies to make your life easier. For example, the camera ASUS AiSense Detect when you are away and improve your image during video calls. AI noise cancellation further enhances the video calling experience by removing all unnecessary noise from your background.

The new processors Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 Available on this laptop feature a dedicated neural network processing unit, specifically designed to handle AI tasks. In addition to graphics Intel® Arc integrated, the laptop incorporates the AI solutions Microsoftas Copilot and the effects of Windows Studioin addition to new features in paintthe snipping tool, Photos and Clipchampwhich will be added to the device as they become available in the region.

Availability and prices

The ASUS Zenbook Duo It is now available in the official ASUS online store, Falabella, Paris, Ripley, PCFactory and Mercado Libre, at a suggested introductory price of $2,199,990 and includes ASUS Pen and a cover that transforms into a tilting stand.

Furthermore, with the purchase of the Zenbook Duoalso ryou will receive a three-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud All Appsindividual, giving you full access to a wide range of Adobe creative tools.

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