Between rivers, volcanoes and snow: This is how the Xiaomi 14 Ultra camera works

Between rivers, volcanoes and snow: This is how the Xiaomi 14 Ultra camera works
Between rivers, volcanoes and snow: This is how the Xiaomi 14 Ultra camera works

Extreme cell phones require extreme tests and that was what happened last weekend with Xiaomi, who organized a trip to visit some of the most beautiful parks in the Araucanía Region in Chile to test their latest phone, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

The reason? It is about of the company’s first smartphone that they officially launch in our region that has cameras created in co-engineering with Leicathe legendary German factory that pioneered the creation of compact cameras.

And for that reason, what better way to test the quality of your lenses than on a tour taking photos in different situations and landscapes. The review of the complete equipment can be found in the following link, since this is simply proof of the quality of their photos. I tell you the story of how they came out and then you can draw conclusions about the quality of the images.

It all started with arrival at the hotel. A delicious lunch and a chance to try macro lenses. I zoomed in on the food and also the dressings, to see how the lens captured the local oregano and merkén. And as a bonus, one of the lamps.

Pumpkin cream
Merken and oregano

Then it was the turn to go to the Geometric Hot Springs, where although the phone has IP68 certification to resist water, I did not dare to see if it could also withstand the effects of heat and minerals. There were still two days of travel left. But luckily the place had some red bridges that made a great contrast with the natural green.

Geometric Hot Springs

At night, at dinner, I tried the black and white portrait mode without permission.

black and white

Saturday: We left very early towards Conguillío, but before that, a trip through the Truful River and the town of Melipeuco. First I share the images of the river, which also include some posters taken with the zoom.

around the river
Truful River

Then in Melipeuco I got some postcards of the place and various animals. It was also lunch time and well, we had to try a maqui sour but only for the photo, of course.

Southern animals
Maqui sour

Once in the park, we did the Arcoiris Lagoon circuit, which also has a beautiful landscape of volcanic soil, with the Llaima in the background. First I want to share the photos of the rocks.

volcanic soil
The Flame

And now those of the lagoons.

Rainbow Lagoon

But without a doubt the most beautiful route of the day was the Araucarias route. I took many photos of the journey with the main lens, but also a lot of macro with background blur to see the moss on the trees.

Lichen and mosses

Here I took a long exposure photo of the wedding veil.

The araucarias

The last day we went to the caverns near the Villarrica volcano.


And to finish, an Italian.

What did you think? Did the Xiaomi 14 Ultra pass the test?

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