The rumored PlayStation Showcase in May would take place next week, as leaked by accident

A well-known American podcaster would have accidentally leaked on Instagram when the expected broadcast will take place

In this article I told you what are the chances of there being a PlayStation Showcase in May. Although I can tell you that there are quite a few, since last year this same event also fell in May and, furthermore, There were already many previous rumors that this broadcast was going to take place this month. Likewise, we are already in the second week of May and, for the moment, the Japanese company has not confirmed anything officially.

Sony usually announces its PlayStation Showcase a few days in advance, a week at most, and since we are still in early May, hope is not lost yet. And even less when It could have been leaked that this broadcast will take place next week. This has occurred due to a post on Instagram in which this information has accidentally been revealed in advance, before PlayStation has made anything official. I’ll tell you everything below.

It is leaked that the May PlayStation Showcase could be next week

It has been through reddit that the community has echoed a post on user X’s social network Radec, in turn, has shared a now deleted post by DJ Akademiks, who is an American podcaster.

  • That post was made on Instagram, and mentions that there will be a PlayStation Showcase in May ❗️
  • Specifically, the post says “Sources tell me that Kendrick cannot go down until the PlayStation Showcase goes live next week, according to an agreement with Sony,” He says in reference to the whole movement between Kendrick Lamar and Drake ✅
  • The thing is that with the joke has accidentally revealed that there will be a PlayStation Showcase next week, that is to say, between May 13 and 19
  • It could be a joke and not a leak, but the fact that he deleted the post is quite mysterious
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