How long will it take a hacker to crack a password in 2024? By Euronews

How long will it take a hacker to crack a password in 2024? By Euronews
How long will it take a hacker to crack a password in 2024? By Euronews

Update your password to be longer and contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols can increase the time it takes a hacker to decrypt itaccording to the computer company Hive Systems.

The company has published its 2024 password table, which shows the time needed to hack a password using the best hardware available to the consumer. The table is updated every year.

Many websites now require a password of at least eight characters with a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols, but Experts think it’s time to update itsince a longer password gives hackers a much wider range of possible combinations.

To crack a simple eight-character password consisting only of numbers, It only takes 37 seconds using brute force, a method that uses trial and error by trying as many combinations as possible. If the number of characters is doubled, that is, if the password contains at least 16 characters, It would take a hacker 119 years to figure it out..

Experts advocate longer passwords even if they are simpler. An eight-character password that mixes numbers with upper and lower case letters and symbols requires seven years to be decipheredwhich is still less time than it takes to crack a 16-character password made up only of numbers.

In this year’s table, the time it takes to crack a password is longer as the company analyzed a password encryption method more robust. Passwords tested by Hive Systems are also randomly generated.

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If a password has been previously stolen, uses dictionary words, or has been reused between websites, the time needed to decipher it decreases drastically.

New security measures are increasingly necessary

How secure is my password? (‘How secure is my password?

Although longer passwords offer greater protection, managing it can be a challengewhich is why password managers, which securely store and encrypt login credentials, are a very popular solution.

Plus, a password manager favors the use of unique usernames and complexes that limit security exposure in the event of a data breach. Even if the password is weak, websites often have security features to prevent brute force hacking, such as limiting the number of attempts.

Portals that lead to sensitive information also They often use an additional layer of security, such as two-factor authentication, to prevent fraud. Although it was once advisable to change passwords frequently, experts now insist on creating strong, unique passwords and keeping them unless they are compromised.

This approach is considered more effective than frequent modificationswhich can lead to weaker passwords and the reuse of similar ones.

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