Scientists have just revealed the date of the mass extinction on Earth – Teach me about Science

Scientists have just revealed the date of the mass extinction on Earth – Teach me about Science
Scientists have just revealed the date of the mass extinction on Earth – Teach me about Science

At some point we have all imagined catastrophic scenarios that cause the extinction of life on Earth and if you ever thought it would be because of global warming and extreme drought, you are absolutely right.

A group of scientists from the University of Bristol located in the United Kingdom, have published a study where they mention that the majority of living beings will become extinct due to strong heat waves, accompanied by extreme drought and on this occasion we tell you all the details about this shocking investigation.

This study was published in the scientific journal “Nature Geoscience”, where researchers used supercomputer climate simulation models to predict what life on the planet would be like in the distant future, using different conditions of temperature, wind, rain and humidity.

Their results were shocking for the entire scientific community, since they discovered that the vast majority of mammals that inhabit the Earth, including humans, will not be able to survive an extremely hot, dry and practically uninhabitable climate on Earth.

Dr. Alexander Farnsworth, lead author and researcher at the University of Bristol, mentioned that ““The general temperatures of the planet will be between 40° and 50° C, and even greater daily extremes, aggravated by high levels of humidity, which would end up sealing our fate.”

Experts indicate that this will happen in approximately 250 million years, when all continents will converge into one to form Earth’s next supercontinent, Pangea Ultima.

In the article, the team of scientists explains that the increase in the planet’s temperature will be due to several reasons.

One of them is the movement of the tectonic plates that will form the supercontinent, which will cause frequent volcanic eruptions, causing an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and continental temperature.

Image credits: Farnsworth et. to the./Nature Geoscience

Added to this warming is the increase in solar energy, since as the atmosphere that protects the planet is weakened and the increase in the intensity of solar light and radiation will together cause increasingly hostile warming, which will exceed the physiological limits that mammals resist, causing their inevitable mass extinction.

“Humans, along with many other species, would expire due to their inability to get rid of this heat through sweat, cooling their bodies,” Farnsworth explained.

The Pangea Ultima model predicted by these researchers has a large arid interior zone in which silicate erosion is inhibited, but also a large warm and humid climatic zone in which erosion is enhanced, where it is predicted that only the 8% and 16% of the Earth would be habitable for mammals.

For the moment, the Earth will remain habitable for 250 million years, however, it is important to take action to reduce our carbon footprint and stop the current climate crisis in time, so as not to cause the extinction of life on Earth. before reaching this inhospitable future.

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