The simple WhatsApp trick to know if they have your number scheduled

The simple WhatsApp trick to know if they have your number scheduled
The simple WhatsApp trick to know if they have your number scheduled

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In fact, the application allows you to configure the privacy of your profile, specifically selecting who can see your photo, status or the time of the last time you were online.

How do you know if they have your number booked?

It has probably happened to you that from one moment to the next, you notice that one of your contacts no longer has a photo. Generally, in these types of situations we tend to think that they blocked our number or that they do not have us added to the agenda.

The truth is that in both cases the profile photo is not a good indicator, since as we already mentioned, the app allows you to configure who can see the image.

Now, if you want to quickly know if someone has you scheduled, you can use a fairly simple trick. To do this, we will have to resort to the famous mailing lists.


These lists help you send the same message to several people, but through their individual chats, without them knowing that they are part of the list. It turns out that the sender can access a section in which you can see in a general way who has or has not read the message.

As a rule, WhatsApp prevents receiving messages through broadcast lists if you have not added the contact who sent it. So even though you can add it to the list, it will never receive the message.

The first thing you should do is create the broadcast list by pressing the three vertical dots located at the top and add at least two of your contacts.

Here you can include whoever you suspect does not have you added. Subsequently, follow the following steps:

  • Send any message, a hidden one.
  • After a few minutes, long press the message and press “Info” to see the information.
  • If the person who causes us suspicion does not have us added, their name will appear in the “read by” section, but not in the “delivered to” section.

In the following image you can see that Juanito Pérez does not have us added, since the message does not appear as if it had been delivered to his contact.

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