Apple apologizes for its controversial iPad ad and withdraws it from circulation

Apple apologizes for its controversial iPad ad and withdraws it from circulation
Apple apologizes for its controversial iPad ad and withdraws it from circulation

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Apple has been dealt a blow after being forced to apologize for its new iPad Pro advert, which shows the destruction of a range of cultural objects including instruments, books and cameras while the tablet takes their place.


The CEO of ManzanaTim Cook, seemed delighted when he published last Tuesday on his social networks the latest iPad Pro announcement under the motto ‘Smash!’. “Meet the new iPad Pro” he wrote. “Imagine all the things it can be used for.”

But to illustrate the many creative possibilities of the new tablet, Apple decided that its iPad Pro should come out crushing other creative tools. The ad shows a large slab of metal destroying all the things you could use instead.

Close advertising

Pianos, trumpets, books, technology of retro games, vinyl records, cameras… everything is sacrificed to be replaced by the thinnest iPad ever created by the technology company.

The responses to Cook’s tweet were filled with criticism, which has led the company to apologize through a public statement. Furthermore, they have decided to remove it from television.

As expected, the announcement It hasn’t gone down too well with the artistic community.especially at a time when the rapid advances of Artificial Intelligence threaten artists and workers with a new period of precariousness and unemployment.

Apple has been accused of “turning a deaf ear” to the role of big technology companies in the disappearance of stable working conditions for creatives.

Plagiarism accusations

Some X users also pointed out that the ad has a strange resemblance to an LG commercial from 2009so we can’t even talk about the creative originality it supposedly celebrates.

Several celebrities also entered the online discussion. The actor Hugh grant wrote “The destruction of the human experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley,” reposting Cook’s tweet.

The filmmaker Justine Bateman wrote: “Why has Apple made an ad that crushes the arts? Technology and Artificial intelligence “They seek to destroy the arts and society in general.” He then linked to an article in the ‘New York Times’ that established the link between authoritarianism and the decline of the arts.

“Creativity is in Apple’s DNA and is incredibly important to us Design products that empower creatives around the world“Tor Myhren, the company’s vice president of marketing communications, told Ad Age.

“Our goal is to always celebrate the infinite ways in which users express themselves and bring your ideas to life through iPad. “We made a mistake with this video and we are sorry.”

He advertisement failure It’s a significant blow at a time when Apple is trying to revive its iPad sales, after the USP of these devices plummeted 17% from last year. Currently the iPad only represents 6% of the technology giant’s sales.

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