Do you have a Smart TV? Know the hidden tricks that the USB port on the back has | Present

Do you have a Smart TV? Know the hidden tricks that the USB port on the back has | Present
Do you have a Smart TV? Know the hidden tricks that the USB port on the back has | Present

Millions of people have a smart TV; However, few know how to take advantage of the computer’s USB ports. Here we tell you.

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Currently, the main technology manufacturers develop televisions capable of playing all types of streaming content of the highest quality. In addition, it is possible to use additional very useful functionalities, thanks to the features offered with the software and hardware, but not everyone is aware of these scopes. For example, do you know what you can do with the USB port on your smart TV? We teach you.

As such, it is important for you to know that smart TVs offer a series of connectivity ports that are located on the back or side of the body. In the case of the input compatible with USB technology, it is important that you know all the uses you can give it in order to elevate your daily user experience to another level.

What can you do with the USB port on your TV?

These are some of the alternatives that you can take advantage of with your TV:

  • You have the possibility of connecting any accessory with a USB connector to your television, such as a keyboard and mouse that allows you to navigate through the applications you have installed, almost as if it were a PC.
  • On the other hand, you have the option to charge your mobile devices, such as your phone, your tablet, your wearables and more. It is a useful option in cases where you do not have your charger on hand and you need to recover energy in your mobile as soon as possible.
  • You can also use the port to insert a USB memory or similar storage device that allows you to record the TV screen. For example, you can keep track of your favorite movies or series, so you can play them later.
  • If you have a TV that is based on the Android TV operating system, you will be allowed to use extensive storage (such as a hard drive), so you won’t have problems with the device’s space filling up.
  • Likewise, you can enjoy your favorite games if you connect a controller with a USB cable, as if it were a gaming console (Xbox Game Pass and more).
  • Finally, you have the option to connect a webcam to the USB port and hold virtual meetings with your friends, family or co-workers. In that case, consider that you must have a dedicated platform installed on the computer.

What other ports can you take advantage of?

Beyond the classic USB port, the truth is that the vast majority of modern televisions integrate compatibility with HDMI technology. With this connection system you have the possibility of playing streaming content, either through transmission devices, such as Chromecast, Amazon Stick or the Xiaomi Mi Stick.

Likewise, if you have a computer, you can connect both devices via HDMI cable to replicate the content you see on the screen. For example, it is a great alternative when you want to view your video games on the big screen and other similar programs.

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