Xbox Game Pass has already confirmed these attractive day 1 premieres for June

Xbox Game Pass has already confirmed these attractive day 1 premieres for June

Microsoft has not yet revealed the games that Xbox Game Pass will receive in the second half of May; However, we already know some of the games that will arrive on the service in June. For now, they have been confirmed 2 premieres on day 1– An engaging horror game and adorable simulator that promises many hours of fun.

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What games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in June?

More day 1 releases are on the way to Xbox Game Pass
More day 1 releases are on the way to Xbox Game Pass

The first June title confirmed for Xbox Game Pass It is ideal for lovers of horror and narrative games. Is about Still Wakes the Deepthe new of The Chinese Room and Secret Mode that will debut next June 18.

The title puts you in the shoes of an oil platform worker. You will be in danger, since all communications have been lost and there is no way to leave the place. You will have to search for the missing crew while facing an unknown horror that is on board.

The other game confirmed for the service is Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friendssimulator Catch & Release and Humble Games that will debut next June 4. This is a game that will let you fulfill your dream of becoming a sushi chef.

You will arrive in Rolling Hills to manage a Japanese food establishment along with a peculiar robot that will help you with multiple tasks. You’ll need to create recipes, purchase ingredients, delight your customers with delicious food, and complete more tasks to be a success.

As we mentioned, both titles are day 1 releases for Xbox Game Pass. For now, no more games have been confirmed for July. Below you can see trailers for the mentioned titles:

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