Without money for advertising, they promoted their game in CS2 or VR Chat lobbies: In two days they have sold more than 50 thousand copies on STEAM with 92% positive reviews

The world of indie games is always full of surprises and titles that generate a great stir, whether for their innovative gameplay, their impressive art or the palpable passion in their development, which players can perceive.

Last May 9, a new indie gem landed on Steam, Animal Well. It’s about a metroidvania exploration with charming pixel-art graphics that has captivated and surprised the gaming community since its launch, especially for the curious diffusion that it hadsince those in charge of the study behind the title, even They entered CS2 and VR Chat lobbies to promote it.

With over 1400 reviews of users so far, of which the 97% are positive, this game has generated notable enthusiasm among players. Besides, Animal Well marks an important milestone as it is the first title released by the debut distributor called Big Mode.

The founders of Big Mode, Jason Gastrow and Leah Gastrowbest known for their YouTube channel videogamedunkey with 7.5 million subscribers, have taken an unconventional approach to promoting their first title. In a recent video, Dunkey joined friends in games like Counter Strike 2 either VR Chat to introduce the game to players in each lobby, being an ingenious way to reach a wider audience, taking advantage of YouTube’s huge audience.

The video has been a success resounding, accumulating more than 745,000 visits in just three days, a figure that far exceeds the expectations of any conventional trailer for an indie game and reaching almost 8,000 simultaneous users two days after its release. This strategy seems to be a safe betespecially on a channel as influential as Dunkey. However, contrasting this success with the current situation of the triple-A industry can provide an interesting perspective.

While indies are finding new and creative ways to reach their audience, Large companies in the industry are facing challenges such as rising development costs, rising expectations from players, and pressure to generate revenue at scale. This divergence in approaches and results highlights the versatility and innovation that characterizes the world of independent games.

Hades 2 allows you to take a bath with your companions

Continuing with the indie worldthe surprise launch of Hades 2 in Steam and Epic GamesI force players to squeeze the most out of the game and one of the aspects that caught their attention the most is the fact that Hades 2 allows you to enjoy baths alone with your companions, even if not all of them are romantic.

As you progress through Hades 2, you’ll unlock more spells that can be cast in the cauldron, which activates various mechanics, such as allowing you to plant seeds and trade with a broker. Later in the game, you will be able to unlock a public bathroom, that allows you to buy bath salts from Wretched Broker to give them to your colleagues.

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