How to know if a contact blocked me on WhatsApp

How to know if a contact blocked me on WhatsApp
How to know if a contact blocked me on WhatsApp

This way you can find out who blocked you from the application quickly and easily, without writing any message to that contact

In the digital world, social interactions are often hampered by the uncertainty of whether someone has blocked us on a messaging app like WhatsApp.

This situation can generate anxiety and doubts about the state of our virtual relationships. Fortunately, there are simple methods to find out if we were blocked by a contact on WhatsApp, without the need to send awkward messages or generate unnecessary conflicts.

Update and preparation:

Before embarking on the process of finding out if a contact blocked us on WhatsApp, it is essential to ensure that we have the latest version of the application installed on our mobile device.

This simple precaution guarantees that we are using all the available features and that our experiment will be effective.

Steps to detect a blockage:

Access WhatsApp options: open the application and go to the options located in the upper right corner, represented by three dots.

Create a WhatsApp group: Select the “create a WhatsApp group” option from the drop-down menu.

Add the suspicious contact: In the group creation process, add the contact that you suspect has blocked you.

Interpretation of results:

If the group is created normally and both you and the contact in question are present, it is a sign that you were not blocked. You can be sure that the contact is still available to receive your messages.

On the other hand, if the group is created with just your presence and the suspicious contact does not appear, it is likely that they have blocked you on WhatsApp. In this case, creating the group with only your account indicates that the contact cannot be included, thus confirming your suspicions.

Additional Considerations: It is important to remember that while this method provides a clear indication of a crash on WhatsApp, there is no direct way to reverse this situation. The blocked contact may still be present in your contact list, but will be inaccessible on the messaging platform.

Privacy Options:

It is crucial to understand that a lack of visibility into a contact’s “online” status or last connection time does not always indicate a block. The contact may have disabled this feature in their privacy settings, or you may have done so yourself. In the privacy section of WhatsApp, you can adjust who can see this information, giving users greater control over their privacy on the platform.

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