iOS 18 is still missing and in the meantime I have activated these iOS 17 settings that improve my experience with the iPhone

iOS 18 is still missing and in the meantime I have activated these iOS 17 settings that improve my experience with the iPhone
iOS 18 is still missing and in the meantime I have activated these iOS 17 settings that improve my experience with the iPhone

From camera improvements to take higher quality photos, to speeding up iPhone animations for a faster feel

There are still months to install iOS 18, until then, have you activated all these iOS 17 options that improve your iPhone experience? I have reviewed the most special and hidden functions that I have activated on my iPhone and I want to share them with you.

Reduce eye strain with this clever feature

I have been wearing glasses since I was thirteen, and whether or not you have this feature It will help you reduce eye strain and protect your vision for the future. With iOS 17, Apple introduced a new feature that uses the iPhone’s sensors to tell you if you are very close to the screen or not.

Generally, with the iPhone, we tend to get it too close to our eyes without realizing it. Whether it’s because we are leaning in a chair, on public transport or even in bed at night. The eye is generally better able to see at medium and long distances than at short distances. And what do we do with the iPhone? Well have it in front of our eyes for hours. To do this, Apple has prepared this setting that will warn you if you are very close to it.

  • Go to Settings > Screen Time
  • Select the Screen Distance option

With this activated, the iPhone will show you an alert if you are too close to it. I promise you that you will see it more times than you thought.

Automatically delete verification SMS

The bank’s SMS code, Instagram double verification… On the iPhone we receive many messages that, After using them, we do not need them again. If you are an organized person, you will delete them after entering them. If you are the other type of person, you will even have the SMS from the first activation of the iPhone.

To do this, iOS 17 has a super useful option that takes care of directly delete verification codes that have already been used.

  • Go to Settings > Passwords > Password Options
  • Activate delete verification codes after using them

Menus with Haptic Touch can be much faster

The iPhone hides a setting that speed up context menu animations of the Apps by clicking on their icon. This menu is very practical when you want to directly access a specific part of the application, for example, directly take a selfie with the camera.

This animation can be sped up so it doesn’t have to wait so long to display. For it:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch
  • Find the Haptic Feedback section
  • Choose between long, short or default

Hey Siri, speak a little faster please

If you tell him this phrase he will not do what you ask, what a surprise, but you can speed up the pace of your voice. I for example, I use Siri a lot to read articles in Safari and in this way have your hands free, walk down the street, etc.

To speed up Siri’s voice you just have to go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and increase speaking speed. In addition, here you will also find interesting settings such as, for example, being able to write to Siri instead of always having to ask by voice for what you need.

Make sure your photos always come out straight

It’s happened to all of us at some point: we took a quick photo and didn’t realize it was crooked. To make it easier for us to frame, iOS 17 has a in-camera level that we have to activate.

  • Go to Settings > Camera
  • Activate the level

This way, as soon as you twist a little when taking a photo, both horizontally and vertically, you will have a level that will help you frame better.

Take 48 megapixel photos while taking up much less space

From the iPhone 14 Pro we can take photographs with a resolution of 48 MP. This wonderful sensor is also found in the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro. The initial “problem” with these photographs was the massive size they had. However, with iOS 17, we can change a setting so that they take up much less space.

  • Go to Settings > Camera > Formats
  • Activate Resolution Control and ProRAW
  • In default format, choose maximum HEIF

This way, you can take photos at 48 MP with your iPhone 14 Pro or later. Remember that this function is supported only with sensor x1 and you will have to activate it before Take the photo on a dedicated button at the top right of the screen in the camera interface.

Browse more privately with Safari’s advanced protection

Safari is the browser par excellence for our iPhones, and yes, also the fastest. If you use it for your daily searches, you can get an extra level of security and protection by activating this option.

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced
  • Advanced anti-tracking and fingerprint protection
  • Choose the All navigation option

Tidy up the iMessage shortcut bar

Green pill or blue pill? If you are one of those who choose the blue one, this trick for iMessage will help you have a more orderly experience. And with the redesign that the iMessage action menu with iOS 17, many of us preferred to have other options at hand. Changing it is very simple:

  • Enter a conversation and press the +
  • Press and hold the shortcut you want to move for a second
  • Move it to the part where you want to position it

With these eight tricks for iPhone, you will surely you change the way you use it until iOS 18 arrives and fill our iPhone with news. Which of them has surprised you the most?

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