“I believe in Xbox,” Seamus Blackley comments on layoffs and studio closures

“I believe in Xbox,” Seamus Blackley comments on layoffs and studio closures

Seamus Blackley, creator of the original Xbox, recently used his social networks to talk about the current crisis he is going through. Xbox after his change of strategy. As you know, the company closed several of its studios and, as a result, an undisclosed number of developers lost their jobs.

Like other members of the industry, the developer lamented the end of Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin, as it impacted the careers of talented creatives. Despite this, he was positive and assured that he still believes in Xbox and its future.

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Xbox father confident in the future of the brand

Seamus Blackley still trusts Xbox
Seamus Blackley still trusts Xbox

“Thinking about Xbox. Thinking of all the developers who just lost their jobs and their dreams. It’s very scary. It’s very difficult to do creative things. “It takes a lot of courage,” he wrote. Seamus Blackley in his first message on the subject.

Initially, the creative received criticism because he also published messages of support for Sarah Bond, president of Xbox. From her perspective neither she nor Phil boss Microsoft Gamingthey could have done something to avoid layoffs.

Despite this, he sent a clear message to the managers and asked them to take more care of the developers, since they are the most important part of the industry after all. Likewise, he attacked the higher-ups for making these types of decisions.

“I know the stench of moneyed men’s decision making and how it destroys the lives and confidence of creative people. And that’s the tragedy here. “The video game industry keeps forgetting, and then learning again the hard way, that developers are what matters,” Blackley wrote.

Finally, he stated that making these decisions is not easy and that, despite what happened, he believes that Xbox still has a promising future. “I am sure this is not the end of the story. “I believe in Xbox and I believe in video games,” the creative concluded.

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Seamus Blackley criticized the current Xbox situationSeamus Blackley criticized the current Xbox situation
Seamus Blackley criticized the current Xbox situation

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