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The application made a major renovation of its design, both on Android and iOS devices. (WhatsApp)

The Meta application makes several changes so that users have a more fluid and dynamic experience

The most recent update of WhatsApp marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the application. Meta has made a big overhaul to the color palette, new icons, and an improved dark mode.

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These changes seek to improve the aesthetics of the application and optimize the user experiencemaking the application more intuitive, accessible and attractive for its more than two million users, on both Android and iOS.

During the last few weeks, the application has been making small design changes, but finally the official version was released that groups all these modifications and presents the new imageso all users can now access it or wait for the app to update automatically.

The new colors of WhatsApp

The first notable change that users will experience when opening WhatsApp is the new color palette. The platform has maintained its iconic green, but now it has combined it with a range of neutral tones, creating a more harmonious and modern visual experience.

This update not only seeks to refresh the appearance of the application, but also improve readability and reduce eye strain for a more comfortable and pleasant user experience.

Based on WhatsApp design principles, the app should feel fresh, fun, and personalized for each user. With this new color palette, the platform achieves just that, offering a unique and engaging experience that adapts to the individual preferences of each user.

Renewed icons and illustrations

Another highlight of the update is the revamp of icons and illustrations throughout the app. Icons now feature a rounded, outlined style, making them more intuitive and easier to recognize. Besides, Animations have been added to the illustrations, providing a touch of dynamism to the user experience.

These changes improve the aesthetics of the application and also optimize usability, allowing users to navigate the application more fluidly and efficiently. With clearer and more recognizable icons.

Improved dark mode

WhatsApp has listened to user requests and made significant adjustments to offer a more enjoyable and comfortable dark mode experience.

The new dark mode features higher contrast and deeper tones, reducing eye strain and improving readability in low-light environments. With a darker and sleeker appearance, dark mode creates a visually appealing and relaxing environment for users, allowing them to enjoy the app for extended periods without eye strain.

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