iOS 17.5 comes out today and these are all its new features

Less than a month before Tim Cook’s guys present iOS 18 at WWDC in June, the new version of the operating system for Apple terminals arrives today with the premise of continuing raising the standard in functionality, security and user experience. Join us on this tour of the new features that iOS 17.5 brings.

Lots of news

The new version of the apple operating system presents notable changes, including new widgets, security and battery improvements that will improve the user experience on iPhone and iPad devices.

One of the most anticipated developments is that users in the European Union can now download applications through the web, a long-awaited feature, which was previously restricted to alternative app stores like AltStore but now available for individual applications.

Another of its strong points is the expansion of the AirTag tracking network. This function will tell us if a Bluetooth tracker that we do not own moves with us, regardless of the manufacturer or the operating system with which said device is paired. This way, we will avoid being located without us realizing it.

Furthermore, no longer it will be necessary to deactivate Find My iPhone during terminal repairs, something that was very necessary and requested, even at authorized Apple repair centers. A special repair mode will now be available, leaving aside the need for complete deactivation. This is something very useful to be able to locate the terminal in case of loss or theft during the repair process.

As we reported a few days ago in La Manzana Mordida, there is also a new wallpaper Pride 2024, which continues Apple’s annual tradition of celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride, complemented by a corresponding watch face and strap coming to Apple Watch with watchOS 10.5.

Widgets, books and iPad battery improvements

Now, the Podcast app has a new widget that will adapt to the color corresponding to the podcast we are listening to, adding a personalized touch. Also, a new feature allows users block everyone participants in a FaceTime call, with the aim of stopping spam that occurs through mass video calls in certain countries.

For book lovers, this native iPhone app now includes a button at the top right that tells us our progress and our daily reading goals, which will help us not abandon reading and meet our daily goals.

ios 17.5

iPad battery performance is improved, with a new function with which you can monitor of the battery, exclusively in the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. In this way, we will be able to observe the charging cycles of these devices.

The weight of the update is expected to be around 8 GB and, in terms of performance, the latest tests reveal a better behavior than what was previously discussed on our YouTube channel, especially on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, on the iPhone 11, the numbers drop in terms of optimization in this new version.

Staying up to date with updates ensures a safer deviceefficient and compatible, so run to update your iPhone if you haven’t done so yet.

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