Renovations that sell, discover what the real estate market is looking for

Renovations that sell, discover what the real estate market is looking for
Renovations that sell, discover what the real estate market is looking for

The functional improvement of a home, which includes changes such as renovating floors, painting or lighting, is usually essential for owners.

Likewise, style preferences play a crucial role. The majority of Americans surveyed by Kichler Lighting prefer a modern décor style, followed by contemporary and traditional, showing a preference for metallic finishes in black, gold and silver, respectively.

Research shows relevant information, on everything from the stress of packing and the importance of cosmetic updates like paint, new light fixtures and improved curb appeal, to preferences for updated kitchens, luxurious bathrooms and beautiful flooring.

“This survey sheds light on the Homeowners’ priorities when preparing their properties for the market and what features resonate most with potential buyers or are non-negotiable for them,” noted Kichler creative director Greg Martin, adding that it is rare to find a home where nothing would really be changed.

Key findings for sellers

The survey delves deeper into the emotional roller coaster of preparing a home for sale. While there is often enthusiasm for a new beginning, the results reveal that The inevitable packing and storing of prized belongings is the most stressful aspect for sellers. However, the desire to present their home in the best light becomes evident, causing homeowners to tackle manageable improvements themselves.

Moving and storage top the most stressful tasks (53%). Fresh exterior paint reigns as the most common pre-sales upgrade (49%), followed by interior DIY projects like paint (43%) and refreshing rugs (34%).

Curiously, new luminaires rank third among pre-sale updates most common DIY projects (32%), highlighting the important role lighting plays in improving the curb appeal of a home.

Key findings for buyers

As for home buyers, they prioritize function and aesthetics. Modern kitchens, spa-like bathrooms and luxury flooring top the wish list. This desire for a fresh look extends beyond the initial purchase. and until the first year after the purchase, with improvements in the kitchen and bathroom. And the outdoors is more valuable now than ever.

The improvements in kitchen (30%), bathroom (29%) and hard surface floors (28%) They are non-negotiable for most home buyers.

In the first 12 months, renovations are often carried out in bathrooms (31%), followed by painting (30%) and replacing outdated light fixtures (28%).

The kitchen (45%) takes the cake as the most frequently updated room, followed by bathrooms (40%) and master bedrooms (30%).

Importance of curb appeal

The survey highlights that new landscaping (51%) occupies a prominent place, along with exterior lighting upgrades (35%). “There is a delicate balance between the preferences of homeowners and buyers,” says Greg Martin.

Finally, the study’s findings underscore the enduring importance of creating spaces that seamlessly combine style and utility, and that includes the impactful role that lighting plays in creating a warm and welcoming environment to enhance a home’s visual appeal. the survey points out.

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