Player assembles a FREE $800 dollar gaming PC from parts thrown away by other people

Player assembles a FREE $800 dollar gaming PC from parts thrown away by other people

The creativity and ingenuity of some PC gamers never ceases to amaze us and an example of this is the story of a Reddit user who in 2023 embarked on a peculiar project: building a PC using only discarded parts that he found in trash bins. trash from a computer store. And in the end, he ended up building a PC that costs around $800.

The process was not without its challenges, as the player not only had to deal with the difficulty of finding mutually compatible parts amidst the scrap metal, but was also forced to resort to unconventional methods to make some components work. An example of this is the case of the CPU, which had to be baked to try to repair the damaged welds.

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With patience, dedication and a touch of risk, this user managed to assemble a functional PC with these pieces rescued from the trash, demonstrating that with a little skill and reuse, surprising results can be achieved. And in the end, the project was finally successful, as he managed to build a PC with an EVGA GTX 570 graphics card, an Intel Core I7-3770 processor, a Dell OptiPlex 9010 motherboard and an iBUYPOWER Snowblind Element Case.

And although he had to buy the RAM and the power supply separately, the end result was a PC that, as a whole, is around $800 if you compare the current prices of each piece on the market.

An achievement celebrated by the PC community, who left comments congratulating him, saying: “I have great respect for people like you” or commenting that he literally built “a trash PC. That is incredible”. “Ok, well, someone built a PC from scrap parts that’s better than mine,” added another with a touch of humor.

A story that, in a certain way, reminds us of the potential of reuse and the importance of giving a second life to electronic components, which often end up in the trash by their former owners, who see them as simple scrap metal.

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Player finds a PC full of dirt in the trash but discovers that it is better than his own and is worth about $1,000.

This project reminds us of the story of another player, who also told on Reddit that he found a PC valued at $1,000 in the trash, which is largely higher than the one he already owned. User of the r/pcmasterrace subreddit who said that he came across the PC while walking through his neighborhood.

And he was not alone, since apparently its former owner decided to get rid of this equipment along with a keyboard, a printer and several monitors. But the biggest surprise has been that the computer has hardware that is much better than what your current PC has, except for the graphics card. According to him, despite its initial appearance, the computer worked perfectly after a superficial cleaning. When inspecting the components, the surprise was huge: an Intel 9900K processor, an NVIDIA RTX 2070 graphics card, 16 GB of RAM and an 850W 80+ Titanium power supply. A set that far exceeds the lucky user’s current PC.

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