They achieve Bluetooth connectivity from Earth to Space

They achieve Bluetooth connectivity from Earth to Space
They achieve Bluetooth connectivity from Earth to Space

Tech startup Hubble Network has taken Bluetooth technology to unprecedented heights, literally. On March 4, 2024, from Vandenberg Space Force Base, the company launched its first two satellites, which have successfully established a Bluetooth connection at an astonishing distance of 600 kilometers, equivalent to the distance between New York and Boston, or between London and Paris.

This technological advancedetailed on the Hubble Network blog, It has been made possible thanks to a simple 3.5mm Bluetooth chip, extending Bluetooth’s traditionally short-range capabilities well beyond its usual 200-foot limit in real-world conditions. This achievement is part of a broader strategy to overcome the limitations of traditional networks that often face coverage problems in remote areas, consume a lot of energy and generate high operating costs.

Hubble Networkwhich recently secured a $20 million Series A funding round led by Transpose Platform and Y Combinator, seeks to revolutionize global connectivity. Its global satellite network allows any Bluetooth-enabled device to connect without the need for cellular reception, just through a software update. This promises to significantly reduce battery consumption by 20 times and reduce operating costs by a factor of 50.

The applications for Hubble’s innovative technology are vast, ranging from the detection and monitoring of forest fires to safety measures for children and the elderly, as well as fleet management and container and pallet tracking. According to Ben Wildco-founder and CTO of Hubble Network, This development allows existing Bluetooth-enabled devices to be adapted to transmit data to the satellite network without the need for hardware modifications, ushering in a new era of connectivity that simplifies and expands the potential uses of Bluetooth technology in everyday tasks.

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