“I see”, Google’s AI model to generate video that fights face to face with Sora from OpenAI

“I see”, Google’s AI model to generate video that fights face to face with Sora from OpenAI
“I see”, Google’s AI model to generate video that fights face to face with Sora from OpenAI

A new tool in the generative AI video creation space

“I see” was seen for the first time at the recent Google I/O

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Google’s recent event, I/O 2024, has left a canvas in the technological world full of AI tools. In fact, “I See”, Google’s new tool, has been presented as a new Artificial Intelligence model that, following the same line as OpenAI’s Sora, is responsible for the creation of generative video content. These videos, developed purely by the AI ​​algorithm, also reach new heights of fidelity compared to what existed previously.

“I see”, a new generative video tool

Developed by Google’s Deepmind department, this new video generative tool has arrived to show a new ceiling in the growing space of generation of videos based on Artificial Intelligence. Veo will compete head to head with Sora, the OpenAI tool, with similar characteristics, presented a few months ago, but the development time and what Google has shown leaves evidence that “Veo” is more prepared to reach the mass public sooner.

As for the videos themselves, Google has explained that the videos generated They will be in 1080p qualitywhich will last around one minute (with the possibility of extending them beyond that minute), and which, later, “I See” will adapt to other video formatssuch as the vertical one, used in popular video platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels, or YouTube Shorts.

Regarding its operation, on the other hand, factors such as the possibility of add elements and details to an already created videohis extensive knowledge, not only of the world in general, but of cinematographic details that can be added to the command (such as shot types, color filters, etc.), and much higher frame consistency to what is usually seen in other videos generated with AI through social networks.

Here are some examples of Google’s “I Spy” capabilities:

Google bets everything on AI

Taking into account that Artificial Intelligence has become the cornerstone of numerous improvements made by Google, it is not surprising that they are covering so many areas. The “I see” example is just one of the numerous systems that Google has revealed in recent hours, but there are many more who plan to break in with force in the daily lives of millions of users in different products and services that Google itself manages.

Proof of this is, in the case of searches (and, to make matters worse, the same origin of Google), the arrival of AI Overview, which will make the biggest boost ever seen to Google searches. On the other hand, the idea of ​​Project Astra is also striking, an AI that sees and listens to your surroundings to carry out all kinds of functions as a virtual assistant. And, of course, many Android tools will also be enhanced by the striking advances in Artificial Intelligence that Google has developed exhaustively.

If you want to consult everything that happened at Google I/Oin which Artificial Intelligence has had more prominence than ever, you can see it from our live stream.

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