Honor announces Android 15 beta program for Magic6 Pro and Magic V2 smartphones

Honor has launched its Android 15 beta program with its latest flagship smartphones. (Image source: Honor)

Honor has revealed that it has already launched its Android 15 beta program. The new beta program starts with the Magic6 Pro and the Magic V2, even though the latter has just been eligible for Android 14.

It’s been about a month since Honor recruited testers for its Magic V2 Android 14 Beta Program. Apparently, Honor has now started shipping a stable version of Android 14 to the same device. However, it should be noted that the company has not yet officially confirmed that this is the case.

Instead, Honor has announced its Android 15 beta program for the Magic V2 as well as the Magic6 Pro (currently $1,049.99 on Amazon). For context, while Honor launched the Magic6 Pro and Magic V2 globally just a month apart, it pre-installed Android 14 on the former and Android 15 on the latter. Thus, although Android 15 represents the first of the four main MagicOS updates for the Magic6 Pro, it will be the second of the four for the Magic V2.

In a press release, Honor explains that it began shipping Android 15 Beta 1 on May 10. However, we have not yet found any external evidence to prove that this has occurred. Honor adds that it has only opened its Android 15 Beta program to developers, for which there appears to be no public recruitment. The company adds the following about Android 15 within the same press release:

Optimized privacy and security

With Android 15, users can safeguard their personal information with greater control in a more secure device environment. It introduces a sandbox SDK, which allows services such as advertising to run in a sandbox, preventing third-party applications from collecting users’ private data. To further improve the user privacy experience, Android 15 introduces an improved privacy indicator with a new permission management portal that allows users to be more aware of the status of their privacy protection, by managing and invoking permissions for functions such as camera or microphone.

Improved performance and power

Android 15 continues to refine the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), which helps manage how power-hungry apps, such as gaming apps, interact with the device’s power system, helping it better respond to demands your GPU, CPU and cooling system, as well as applications with long-running background tasks to run energy-efficiently.

Android 15 further optimizes custom features. For example, for taking photos through social media apps, in-app cameras can now control the flash intensity. Developers can use Android APIs, tools, and resources provided by Google to further optimize more personalized user scenarios.

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Alex Alderson, 2024-05-15 (Update: 2024-05-15)

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