Download the new cooperative roguelike What the Fog, a spin-off of Dead by Daylight, for FREE for the first 2 million PC players

Dead by Daylight has proven to be a long-lasting phenomenon in the gaming world, maintaining a solid player base over the years. With its innovative focus on survival and horror, the game has kept players captivated, and its universe continues to expand into new frontiers.

Now, as the franchise ventures into new territories with games, comics and even one movie in process, the developer Behavior Interactive has taken a bold step into the roguelike genre with a surprise gift for the community, What the Fog.

The characters of D.B.D., Dwight, Claud and Minare reduced to adorable caricatures in this new free co-op adventure called What the Fog. The new game ventures into the genre roguelike and follow everyone’s favorite survivor in DBD, Dwight Fairfieldwhile being sucked into a colorful cartoon world.

Claudette Morel and Fengmin also join Dwight in his adventure, which is still based, to a certain extent, in the Dead by Daylight universebut this time with a cast of new monsters to defeat. The premise of the game is simple, in In each room you must collect Blood Points from defeated enemies and use them to power the generators.similar to how a game works in DBD, to Open the door and get out of the fog.

What the Fogis a game that, although It’s not particularly extensive.offers a solid and challenging experience, presenting eight difficulty levels to test your skills while completing your “runs”. As you defeat your enemies, you unlock new monster variantshaving to overcome nine dungeons and three bosses to complete it “run” In addition, you have the option to face this challenge only either in the company of a friendwhich adds a cooperative dimension to the game.

When playing on cooperative mode, What the Fog incorporates familiar elements of Dead by Daylight, like the well-known “hooks”Furthermore, even after having succumbed, Your friends can continue to contribute special abilities from beyond.

The game can be purchased for free with a Behavior Interactive account at this time, and the registration process takes just a few seconds if you don’t have an account yet. All you need to do is Sign in to your account and follow the simple instructions to download the game.

However, If you prefer not to registeryou still have the option to purchase the game on Steam for only $4.99($3,000 Chilean pesos). It’s important to put attention on free copies are limited to two millionso it’s best to act quickly if you want to secure one.

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