How to increase the internet speed on my Smart TV

How to increase the internet speed on my Smart TV
How to increase the internet speed on my Smart TV

Smart TVs are an Internet of Things device, so a good connection is key. (Illustrative image Infobae)

Having a fast and stable Internet connection on your Smart TV is crucial to enjoying your favorite shows and movies without interruptions. Unfortunately, WiFi can sometimes play tricks on you.

Next, some practices and tips to increase the internet speed on your TV smart, guaranteeing a better experience.

Smart TVs are part of the Internet of Things, this encompasses all the interconnected devices in our homes. This includes smart light bulbs, video players and, in general, any device connected to the network.

The WiFi signal can be affected when the router is located in an unfavorable location. (Illustrative Image Infobae)

– Router location

One of the first steps to improve the internet connection on a Smart TV is to optimize the router. This involves placing it in a suitable location, selecting the best channel, keeping it safe, and adjusting the power.

Typically, our router offers a wide variety of settings that we can adjust. ANDIt is advisable to perform a speed test to ensure that the connection is adequate. It is also important to verify that there are no other nearby routers using the same channel and, if necessary, switch to a free one.

However, the most important thing is where the router is located. The ideal is to place it in a central point of the home, but in this case it is essential that it be close to the television, since Smart TVs generally do not have the same range as a computer.

Avoid using multiple devices with internet access to improve reception on your smart TV. (Illustrative Image Infobae)

– Avoid nearby devices

It is important to avoid the proximity of devices that may cause interference. For example, a computer located under the television, a video player near the WiFi receiver that also connects to the Internet, or even some household appliances.

The ideal is to keep the area as clear as possible. In this way, the signal will arrive more clearly and we will be able to enjoy more efficient navigation.

– Keep software updated

Keeping your Smart TV software updated is essential to guarantee good internet speed. Software updates typically include improvements to connectivity and wireless network support, optimizing browsing speed.

You can opt for amplifiers to optimize your internet signal. (Illustrative Image Infobae)

In addition, they fix errors and vulnerabilities that could affect connection performance. New versions may also offer advanced settings that allow for better bandwidth management, ensuring your Smart TV can receive and process data more efficiently.

– Opt for amplifiers

Opting for signal amplifiers can be an excellent solution to improve the connection on a Smart TV. These devices extend the range of WiFi, ensuring that the signal reaches all areas of the home, including those where the connection is usually weak.

By increasing coverage, interruptions and drops in speed are minimized, providing a smoother viewing experience.

Additionally, the amplifiers are easy to install and configure, making them an affordable option.

Delete apps you don’t use to improve the performance of your smart TV. (Illustrative image Infobae).

If, on the other hand, you are looking to improve the overall performance of your smart TV, you can consider the following tips:

  • Delete unused apps: Uninstall apps you don’t use. This frees up space and reduces system resource usage, which can improve the TV’s processing speed and responsiveness.
  • Restart the TV and router regularly: Periodically restarting both your TV and router can fix connection issues and improve overall performance. Turning devices off for a few minutes and turning them back on helps restore connections and eliminate potential malfunctions.
  • Manage connected devices: Limit the number of devices using your Wi-Fi network simultaneously, especially those that consume a lot of bandwidth, such as phones, tablets, and other streaming devices.
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