Apple officially announces new iOS 18 features, and there are big surprises!

Apple officially announces new iOS 18 features, and there are big surprises!
Apple officially announces new iOS 18 features, and there are big surprises!

We already know the first details about the iOS 18 update that will be presented during WWDC 2024

Apple announces new features of iOS 18

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Apple has just officially announced the first news of iOS 18, the next big software update for iPhone. Over the past few weeks, all kinds of new features have been rumored, such as the arrival of generative AI in the iOS 18 Photos app. But until now, nothing had been officially announced.

The California-based company has announced through a press release the introduction of new functions of accessibility for iOS 18. The news, according to Apple, “will arrive later this year.” So they will most likely be presented at WWDC in June 2024.

Among the new iOS 18 accessibility features that have been revealed, Apple mentions “vocal shortcuts, eye tracking, and haptic music.”

Eye tracking

iris scan

The iPhone camera will scan the position of the pupils

The main protagonist of the new accessibility features of iOS 18 is, without a doubt, eye tracking or eye tracking. This novelty is clearly based on visionOS, the operating system of the Apple Vision Pro and allows users navigate through the system interface simply using your gaze. Without using your hands.

How does it work? iOS 18 eye tracking will use the iPhone’s front camera to determine which area of ​​the screen a user is looking at. Sets up and calibrates in just a few seconds. iOS 18 users will be able to press buttons, scroll, and emulate other gestures. It will also be available on iPadOS 18.

Haptic music

Apple Music

Discover all the new features of iOS 18 on Apple Music

Apple has also developed haptic responses for the sound of Apple Music songs. Is about small vibrations that will accompany the musical experience on the iPhone.

As it could not be otherwise, these vibrations will go to the rhythm of the melody of each song.

Vocal shortcuts


User using Siri virtual assistant

Finally, another of the new features of iOS 18 will consist of the Using specific voice commands to enable multi-step actions in the iPhone operating system.

This is something that can already be enabled through the iPhone Shortcuts app. But with iOS 18 it has been perfected to offer a more complete and dynamic accessibility feature.

Apple is expected to incorporate great artificial intelligence innovations in iOS 18 and the rest of the software updates for its devices. The Cupertino company will officially present these new features during WWDC on June 10, 2024.

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