everything about the return of the expansion in a unique way with a special event

everything about the return of the expansion in a unique way with a special event
everything about the return of the expansion in a unique way with a special event

Temporarily it will be possible to return to Pandaria with very interesting news

Over the past 20 years, World of Warcraft has continued to expand its content with numerous expansions. Some have achieved better results than others, but there is no doubt that one of the most different of all was Mists of Pandaria, with which players had to travel to the kingdom of Pandariawhere the Pandaren were first introduced as a new playable race and also served to introduce new allies and villains.

The reason she is being talked about again now is because Blizzard has decided to dedicate a very special event to her. Over the last few months, we have been able to see how the company is carrying out tests to offer players new ways to pass the time, as recently happened with Plunderstorm, its Battle Royale. For this reason, he wanted to check what it would be like replay Mists of Pandaria in a different way than the original.

This has left us with World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandariaa new temporary event that has been activated in the last few hours, so we are going to tell you what is special about it and why it is worth returning to this continent located south of Azeroth.

What new features are included

Something to point out first of all is that, although it takes us back to the past to relive old times with this expansion, it has nothing to do with World of Warcraft Classic. It is something completely separate and has never been seen to date, since a series of novelties have been designed for the occasion so that the trip to Pandaria is unique and very special.

This event will only be available temporarily, as It is scheduled to end on August 20, so you have three months ahead to play this renewed expansion that includes all its original content as much as you want. To do this, you need to have a subscription to world of warcraftnothing more, and create a totally new and exclusive character in this way.

Characters will start at level 10 and can go up to 70 at a faster rate than usual. Along the way it will be possible to obtain new objects, effects that alter the experience, new ways to customize classes and it will even be possible to obtain new types of currencies. Additionally, another reason why you would do well not to skip this mode is the fact that there are certain new features that can be carried over to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and The War Within.

The characters that can be created and where to level them up

Since Blizzard has guaranteed that leveling up from 10 to 70 will be done at a faster rate than normal, it is a good way to try out new classes or other races, since you don’t have to be afraid of losing your characters. The reason is because these will not disappear and will become part of the standard roster in modern World of Warcraft as soon as the event comes to an end.

No other character that is not part of the event may be used. Furthermore, these appear on the selection screen as one more, with the difference that next to them you will see an icon that will serve to identify them and distinguish them from the others. From there, it will be time to begin the journey throughout Pandaria, visiting its areas, completing missions, quests, dungeons and raids that are distributed as follows:


Necessary Level




Jade Forest

10 to 70

· Verdemar Village

· Theramore Fall

· Beers and Thunder

· Scarlet Chambers

· Scarlet Monastery

· Scholomance

· Jade Dragon Temple

5.1 Landing Campaign / Krasarang Esperusa / Valley of the Four Winds

20 to 70

· Temperance Lion’s Landing

· Domain Tip

· A Dagger in the Dark

· Unga Ingoo

Thunder Brewery

Kun-Lai Summit

25 to 70

· Arena of Annihilation

· Crypt of the Forgotten Kings

· Lunar Beer Festival

Shadopan Monastery

Mogu’shan Chambers

Tong Long Steppes

30 to 70

Assault on Zan’vess

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Desert of Dread

35 to 70

Heart of Fear

Valley of Eternal Blossoms

40 to 70

· Battle on the High Seas

· Dark Heart of Pandaria

· The Secrets of Igneous Sima

· Blood in the Snow

· Mogu’shan Palace

· Gate of the Setting Sun

· Siege of Orgrimmar (level 60-70)

· Veranda of Eternal Spring

Thunder Island

50 to 70

Throne of Thunder

Some renovated objects with great potential

One of the biggest novelties of World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria We can find it in the objects that can be obtained everywhere. One of the features they have is that they can be customized thanks to the fact that they have slots to insert spell gems into them. However, they are not the common ones that we are already used to seeing, but rather they have very amazing new effects that resemble those of beads.

This serves to increase their power tremendously and take it to limits that could be considered a bit exaggerated, because along with all this they grant permanent stat increases. Additionally, gems can be put on and take off with complete easein case someone makes a mistake or changes their mind, and some of them provide advantages such as a speed increase for a few seconds or the possibility of causing a fire explosion to nearby enemies.

On the other hand, you can unlock a new type of cape which is said to have infinite potential. Its statistics will not stop increasing as you play and obtain threads of time, making it an ideal item to level up faster and with fewer setbacks. For the rest, titles, transfigurations, old mounts with new color variants and much more can be obtained after successfully meeting the objectives set by the achievements of this game mode.

Two types of currencies to unlock more items of all kinds

When you start to obtain too many pieces of equipment, the most normal thing is to end up selling or disenchanting the ones that are no longer useful. However, in this game mode, one more option has been added: use unraveling sands to turn these objects into bronzewhich can be redeemed to purchase upgrades and cosmetic items.

The bazaars of any resting place, such as the Tian Monastery, the Alcor Market or the Temple of the White Tiger, among others, have these stalls where any useless object can be transformed into this new type of currency. That’s where you can find the new transmogs, mounts, toys and above all the possibility of getting items that were originally an odyssey to get.

Likewise, another type of different currency that can be obtained are merchant coupons. While these are not useful in the Mists of Pandaria Remix, they will be kept at the end of the event to be redeemed at the trading post. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. When that time comes, the coupons will be preserved so that when visiting Lioness and Violent’s stand in the Wizard Quarter of Stormwind or the Zen’shiri stand in Fort Grommash in Orgrimmar they can be exchanged for exclusive rewards.

For example, thanks to this you will get very special cosmetics, pets, mounts and much more, so prepare to get a good amount by carrying out certain activities that appear in the traveler’s record. In short, there are more than enough excuses to play this new mode; we will have to see if it works and Blizzard wants to repeat it with other expansions.

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