WhatsApp redesigns its interface with new colors and icons

WhatsApp redesigns its interface with new colors and icons
WhatsApp redesigns its interface with new colors and icons

WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world, continues to be a fundamental element in the daily lives of millions of people. Since its launch, it has transformed the way we communicateoffering a platform simple and convenient to send text messages, make voice and video calls, share multimedia files and stay connected with friends and family, whether online local or international level. Its intuitive interface and wide range of functions have made WhatsApp indispensable in the digital age, being the first choice for many people when it comes to communicating online.

Now the platform ha redesigned its interface with new colors and iconsas well as changes in the android navigation bar and in the menu attachments in iOS. All this to place “people at the center of everything we do,” they explain from the WhatsApp blog.

Fresh, accessible and simple

From the platform’s blog they explain that the update goal was to get WhatsApp to stay cool (“WhatsApp should feel fresh, fun and yours with a familiar, native look and feel to your device”), accessible (“It’s accessible, feels at home within the operating system, and feels unmistakably like WhatsApp: cozy and a little quirky.”) and simple (“The new design should improve simplicity, be scalable and be future-proof.”)

To achieve this, the redesign includes a new green palette within the application, in line with the characteristic green of WhatsApp, in addition to neutral colors and a darkest dark modein order to reduce the visual fatigue in places with low light.

He default background of the chats has also been updated.

New icon style

New user interface on iOS and Android (Design at Meta)

Since “icons help add visual cues to quickly guide people through the desired action or information”, in the words of the platform, the new icons are acquiring a rounded and outlined styleadded to the illustration update and the new animations of the application.

Along the same lines, for Android devices a native bottom navigation bar more modern, so that the eyelashes are closer to the thumbs.

Regarding iOS devices, the settings section has been redesigned. attached files. “Instead of a full-screen menu, we added an expandable tray that allows you to see the functions more clearly when sending media, surveys, documents and more,” they explain from the platform.

Chat filters to find important conversations

Another of the platform updates are the chat filterswhich allow you to find important conversations quickly.

“Moving the navigation bar on Android to the bottom allowed us to design filters to be at the top of the chat list, so people can quickly find the right conversations without having to scroll through their entire inbox” , they argue on the WhatsApp blog.

These updates are added to those already implemented in recent months, making WhatsApp not only the preferred instant messaging app, but also the more suitable for the needs of its users.

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