Astronomy Day: why its date changes every year and what is celebrated today

Astronomy Day: why its date changes every year and what is celebrated today
Astronomy Day: why its date changes every year and what is celebrated today


He World Astronomy Day It is commemorated this 2024 Saturday May 18 and its objective is to make this discipline known and bring its discoveries closer to people. The origin of this date took place in 1973, in California, United States. Was Doug Bergera lawyer, former US senator and president of the Northern California Astronomical Associationwho proposed dedicating a day to the dissemination and celebration of this science.

This anniversary has the particularity that it is celebrated twice a year, close to the First Quarter Lunar Crescent. The first occurs between mid April and Maywhile the second takes place in the month of September.

Astronomy Day varies according to the appearance of the lunar crescent in MayFreepick

It is a science that studies the structure and composition of celestial bodies. Astronomy analyzes the behavior of planets, stars, natural satellites, asteroids, meteorites, black holes and the different events that occur in them. Its practices are among the oldest in history, since Astronomy contributed to the development of civilizations such as the Aztec, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Inca and Mayan, which used sky observation to predict rain, harvest, interpret the tide and know the best place to settle geographically.

There are different branches of this science that can be categorized into:

Astronomy is responsible for studying different events, such as solar or lunar eclipses.Pixabay

During this year, it is possible to contemplate certain events in the cosmos, which are considered milestones in Astronomy, due to their qualities or due to their infrequency. One of these was the total solar eclipse, which took place on April 8. Other events that can be enjoyed in the remainder of the year are:


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