A little girl was terrified because she thought there were monsters in her room. The reality was more terrifying

A little girl was terrified because she thought there were monsters in her room. The reality was more terrifying
A little girl was terrified because she thought there were monsters in her room. The reality was more terrifying

The girl couldn’t sleep for fear that there were monsters in her room

She was not misguided in her fears | Image

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One girl was really terrified. Night after night, for weeks He was unable to sleep thinking there were monsters in his room. This is something totally normal in children who, sometimes, are fearful and fear that something could happen in their room. But in this case the terror was real and much more true than the possible imaginations of monsters that we may have in mind regarding this type of events.

According to the BBC, the story that happened in the United States has turned out to be truly terrifying, not only for the girl who experienced all this, but also for the whole family.

A truly terrifying story

Saylor Class, a three-year-old girl, began complaining about “monsters on the wall” in her bedroom at her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. Her mother, Ashley Massis Class, initially thought that It was actually his imagination.. Especially after having seen the movie SA monsters which the girl had liked so much but which had that little touch of terror that could make her uncomfortable at bedtime, since the plot focuses on scaring children at night.

To calm her fears, they gave Saylor a bottle of water, telling him it was “monster spray”then he wouldn’t have to fear anything at all and could avoid the danger of monsters appearing in his room.

However, Saylor became more insistent about the presence of something in his closet, I kept thinking over and over that something strange was happening there. This led her mother to investigate further. She soon noticed the presence of bees around the attic and chimney of her old house. For this reason, she had no choice but to call a pest control expert and they discovered a reality truly chilling. After calling a beekeeper, they realized that from the attic to the ground a colony of between 55,000 and 65,000 bees had decided to make the wall that ran from the attic to the ground their home, making almost 45 kilos of honey.

They could not simply remove the bees, since it is a protected species in many parts of the world, including in the United States, so they had to carry out three careful interventions to remove all the bees. Later taking them to a sanctuary so they could live in peace. In fact, they had to use a kind of vacuum cleaner to pick them up one by one. In fact, there are applications to find the queen bee

The house was completely destroyed for this reason, since the bees had even devoured the electrical wiring. The damages were estimated at $20,000, a not small figure that could have been a real headache for the Class family. Therefore, surely the next time her daughter places special emphasis on something her family listens to her more carefully.

And, beyond the conventions with which we usually present bees and the gigantic contribution they offer to the environment. It also turns out that they are conscious animals.

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