Will the iPhone 16 have the color RED, or is this collaboration over forever?

However, the latest and current iPhone 15 has not had this range, therefore, what is expected for the next iPhone 16? Will we see this union again, or is it a temporary collaboration that they will not release again. We are going to analyze all the details and possible facts.

RED color on iPhone 16?

There are many people who love this color, and it even made them decide on one version or another just to be able to have it, since we remember that it is not available in all ranges. Furthermore, they did it out of preference, without even knowing that it is a collaboration that helps diseases with part of the profits from that sale.

Well, this year we have not had any mention of it, and everything indicates that, At the outset, the iPhone 16 will not have this color eitherneither in the normal version, nor in the Pro.

However, we do not have to worry, apparently the collaboration is still active, and it is not the first time that Apple surprises us with this color months later, so it is possible that, even though it is not part of the plans and leaks of the new iPhone 16 models, surely, after 2 years, they will present it to us in the first quarter of 2025, that is, In less than 1 year we should have it.

And not only at the level of help, it is that, as we said, many people want that color, and no other is worth it, so it is also profitable for Apple to do so. Of course, it is a chore to acquire another color because you don’t want to wait, and then the one you want comes out later, so we wouldn’t know what to recommend, since it’s not certain that we’ll end up seeing it either.

It is curious that there are cases or straps that also support this cause, and that would give the touch that our product lacks, however, they did not release them for the iPhone 15 either, and that is not a bit scary, although we hope to return to see all this soon, since on their website they continue to brag about collaborating with RED and having helped with more than 250 million dollars to offer treatment to people with HIV.

And you, did you know about this curiosity, or were you simply waiting for the color red for fun? Leave us a comment with your opinion and if now that you know that you support a good cause, you will have more in mind to purchase this product if you hesitate between the two.

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