Chinese CPU reaches the performance of a Core i7

Chinese CPU reaches the performance of a Core i7
Chinese CPU reaches the performance of a Core i7

A new 8-core Loongson processor has been announced. The Chinese CPU will have performance on par with the series Core i5 and Core i7 “Alder Lake” 12th generation.

Loongson: Chinese CPU reaches the performance of a Core i7 “Alder Lake”

The next-generation Loongson processors will offer performance on par with the 12th generation Intel Core i7 and Core i5 chips.

Loongson presented the new processors 3B6600 and 3B7000, which will offer a great leap in performance over the 3A6000. The company’s CEO, Hu Weiwu, assures that the performance jump with these new CPUs will be 50%, placing them on par with the processors Core i5 and Core i7 of Alder Lakeor a Ryzen 7 7700X in the case of amd, which is also 8 cores. It will apparently use the same process node as the 3A6000, but the architectural improvements will be impressive when the final silicon is launched in 2025.

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The announcement has limited itself to talking about the most important thing, which is the leap in performance that these CPUs will offer, but the specifications they will have have not been revealed, we only know that it will have about 8 cores.


If this performance is realized, the Chinese PC market will have a great boost, without depending so much on Western technology with processors. Intel Core and AMD Ryzen. This is Loongson’s great achievement for the Chinese market, which wants to continue raising the performance of domestically produced processors in the country.

The Chinese government has already begun a plan to replace computers in its institutes with those that are produced entirely in the country, in order to achieve greater independence from the United States at a technological level. This plan seems to be taking effect with increasingly powerful hardware. We will keep you informed.

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