how to send a message to a number without first adding it as a contact

WhatsApp It is, without a doubt, the most popular instant messaging platform in the world. With over two billion monthly users, there’s a good chance that anyone you want to communicate with is available on the service.

However, despite its popularity, the service owned by the Californian company Goal It lacks one key feature: the ability to send messages to a number without adding it as a contact in your phone book.

You may wish to contact a sales or service contact for a unique talk, but adding the number to your phone book would mean unnecessary clutter. Let’s look at some ways to start a WhatsApp chat without adding a mobile phone number as a contact.

WhatsApp short links can be used to start a WhatsApp chat conversation without saving a contact. Applications like WhatsDirect or Click to chat They also use the same short links application programming interface (API) to start a new chat seamlessly. It is possible to create a shortcut using the API to start a chat on an iPhone.

Start a chat from the browser using short WhatsApp links

At first glance, it might seem like WhatsApp doesn’t offer any way to start a conversation without saving a number. However, the most popular instant messaging service in the world has the built-in functionality.

Presumably designed for integration with websites and apps, WhatsApp’s click-to-chat feature uses shortcut links to start a chat with any active WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world.

To use the feature, go to your browser and type the address The mobile phone number field must also include the country and region code, but not modifiers such as or – or 00.

For example in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the syntax would be Tap Enter and WhatsApp will direct you to a website with a green message button. By tapping this button you will enter the chat.

Use an application to start a WhatsApp chat

If the above process sounds unnecessarily complicated, there are some apps that use the same functionality but make it much faster and easier to start a WhatsApp conversation without adding the contact to your telephone directory.

WhatsDirect is one of those apps where you can enter the mobile number and a chat message, tap send and it will take you directly to the main messaging app. The app does not require permissions but displays ads on the interface. One option is Click to chat, which performs the same function but drops the ads.

How to send a text message to a WhatsApp number without saving it on an iPhone

While the first method of using a link in the browser also works well on an iPhone, there is an even better way to chat on WhatsApp without saving contact numbers on iOS. The Shortcuts app (Shortcuts) allows you to set up a quick access way to enter a mobile phone number and start chatting right away.

  • Go to the application Shortcuts and create a new shortcut.
  • For the first action, tap add action and look to request information.
  • Once selected, tap the action field and set it to request a number. Give it an easy-to-remember label, such as a mobile phone number.
  • Now add a second action. For the second action, you will need to set it as a variable. In the first field, I wrote the same label as above. In this case it will be called a mobile phone number. In the second field, select the provided entry. This will ensure that the mobile phone number, once added, is assigned to the specific field.
  • For our third action, select the URL option. In the URL field, enter (Argentina code) and continue with the variable that we assigned previously. In this case it will be the variable called mobile phone number. Don’t forget to replace the 54 in our URL field with the dialing code of your country if it is not Argentina.
  • Finally, the fourth action is to start the browser with the URL.

    WhatsApp is owned by Meta.

    Now you can add the shortcut to your home screen, launch it from Spotlight search, or even use Siri to start a chat without adding the contact.

    Can I call someone on WhatsApp without saving the contact number?

    Not directly. You can start a chat with an unsaved number and then make a phone call using the phone icon within the chat.

    Are your contacts not updated on WhatsApp?

    Unlike the complex system of its distant predecessor, the BlackBerry Messengerthe remembered BBM and its pins, in WhatsApp you only need the recipient’s mobile phone number to contact.

    It is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of WhatsApp. But the problem arises when WhatsApp does not update the contacts and does not show the newly added number in the app.

    If you frequently face this problem, find out below the best ways to fix WhatsApp without updating contacts on the phone. iPhone and on a mobile phone with the Android operating system.

    Enable contacts permission for WhatsApp

    If you accidentally denied contacts permission to WhatsApp, the application will not be able to access contacts on your mobile phone. Follow the steps below to enable contact permission in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android phone.

    WhatsApp serves as a social network for millions of people.


    • I opened Setting on your iPhone.
    • Scroll to WhatsApp.
    • Enable permission Contacts from the following menu.
    • From the Home screen, swipe up and hold to open the recent apps menu. Then tap and swipe up on the WhatsApp card to close it. Reopen WhatsApp again and check the contact list.


    • Look for the application icon WhatsApp on the home screen or in the app drawer menu.
    • Press and hold WhatsApp and tap “i” to open the app’s information menu.
    • Choose Permissions.
    • Touch Contacts.
    • Tap the radio button next to Allow and you’re done.

    Update contacts manually

    WhatsApp allows you to update contacts manually from the application on Android. Unfortunately, the same is not available on WhatsApp for iOS.

    • I opened WhatsApp on Android.
    • Tap the compose button in the bottom right corner.
    • Select the menu with three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
    • Tap Update.
    • Use the search icon at the top and find the relevant contact to send messages or media.

    Scan a QR code for the recipient’s WhatsApp

    WhatsApp offers an option to generate a QR code for your account. You can scan the recipient’s QR code from your WhatsApp application and start sending messages. This is how you can find a QR code to scan.


    • Open WhatsApp and select the compose menu at the bottom.
    • Tap the QR code icon next to New Contact. You can scan someone else’s QR code from the same menu.


    • Start WhatsApp on your iPhone. Go to the Settings tab.
    • Tap the QR code icon and let others scan it. You can scan the recipient’s code from the same menu.

    Add a new contact from WhatsApp

    You can directly add a new contact from the WhatsApp mobile application and send messages.


    • Open WhatsApp and tap the compose menu in the top right corner.
    • Choose New contact.
    • Enter the first name, last name and mobile phone number. Press Keep.


    • Start WhatsApp, select the button Write in the bottom right corner and tap New Contact.
    • Complete the relevant fields and select Save.

    Invite the contact to WhatsApp

    If the recipient is not on WhatsApp, you can send them an invitation to join the platform.


    • I opened the Contacts menu in WhatsApp.
    • Find the contact and select Invite to send a text message invitation.

    There are alternatives to send a message to a number without first adding it as a contact on WhatsApp.


    • Go to the Contacts menu in WhatsApp.
    • Find your contact and invite the person to join the platform.

    Update WhatsApp

    An outdated build of WhatsApp may have issues updating contacts. You should update WhatsApp to the latest version periodically. I opened Google Play Store or App Store and install the pending updates to solve these problems.

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