Pokémon Legends: ZA: leaker claims that 3 beloved characters will return in the game

Time continues to pass and doubts about what it will offer Pokémon Legends: ZAThey are increasing. However, there is a leaker who has shared some details that are increasing the hype among fans. On this occasion, there was talk about 3 Pokémon that could return with the new installment.

Very little is still known about the title

As you probably know, this game Pokémon Legends It will arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime next year and fans of the saga already want to know more about what it will include.

Due to this, the well-known leaker khuwho has been successful in the past with games from the franchise, revealed on his social networks that 3 special Pokémon will return in the installment and one of them will be the protagonist of the adventure.

According to the information shared, the characters chosen to return are Zygardewhich could be the main Pokémon of the game; Emolga, introduced in generation 5; and Zeraorawho appeared in generation 7 and can only be obtained in special events or exchanges.

Here you can see the only trailer for the game:

It is worth mentioning that the information shared by the leaker is still a rumor and we will have to wait until Game Freak and Nintendo say something more about this Pokémon proposal.

When will more than Pokémon Legends: ZA?

It is worth mentioning that those responsible for the game could be preparing to reveal more details in the next NintendoDirect June recently confirmed by Nintendo.

However, the same leaker Khu announced a few weeks ago that the title will most likely be shown on Septembera month that typically features a Nintendo Direct.

We will be attentive to inform you about any news about Pokémon Legends: ZA and its launch window on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, we invite you to learn other news about the saga at this link.

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