These are the channels with the most viewers on Pluto TV

In recent days, within the framework of the Cannes Film Festival, interesting data and analyzes have been published that begin to explore in depth the phenomenon of FAST channels. It is logical, since after the streaming fever, it seems that what is beginning to spread more are these free channel services that are going very strong.

The kings of Pluto TV

The categories available on Pluto TV practically cover any type of content you can think of, from sports to TV series, reality shows, documentaries or cartoons. However, none of these categories are the ones that take the cake when it comes to most viewed content on the platform.

Instead, that leading category is film. According to published statistics, 43% of Pluto TV’s viewing time is concentrated on its different movie channels. Thus, of the 10 most viewed channels on the free television platform, six of them are dedicated to the seventh art. This information has been published by PlumResearch and Omdia. Let’s keep in mind that the movie channels available on Pluto TV in Spain are Cine Stellar, Cine Action, Horror, Zombies, Pluto Scifi, Cinema Comedy, Romantic Comedies, Western, Romantic Cinema, Pluto Thrillers, Drama Cinema, Author Cinema, Cinema classic, Run:time and Catastrophes.

Pluto TV dominates free channels

Other interesting data can be obtained from this same study. For example, Pluto TV is confirmed, once again, as the most used free channel platform in practically the majority of markets, but especially in Latin America and Europe, where it has a significant market share. Other similar services, such as Rakuten TV is also popular, especially because the channels on this platform are available on a multitude of services. For its part, Freevee has a certain fame in the United States, where Pluto TV is not as popular as in Europe.

It is also important to discover that, in the United States, 60% of users already use free channel services, surpassing the number, although not by much, of those who take advantage of the television platforms offered by the operators. For its part, the free channel services that are most successful among Americans are those that are integrated into the Smart TVs themselves, such as those from Samsung or Vizio.

Forecasts indicate that, between now and 2028, FAST channel platforms will continue to grow and reach millions of dollars. This type of entertainment consumption is spoken of as the possible generational change of the platforms streaming, a sector that has recently found itself facing a lack of ideas. Due to this potential bottleneck, streaming platforms are very actively looking for solutions.

Some have chosen to take refuge in sports as a way to gain a greater number of subscribers, while others are looking to collaborate with other services to offer savings packs when contracting various platforms. It is possible that this type of initiatives with which streaming tries to surf the crisis that is being seen on the horizon will continue with new proposals. Meanwhile, services like Pluto TV seems like they just have to keep going just as they have been doing so that, increasingly, they attract a greater number of users.

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