Robobeat comes to Steam and Epic Games Store

Robobeat comes to Steam and Epic Games Store
Robobeat comes to Steam and Epic Games Store

Leading UK games publisher Kwalee and independent game development studio Inzanity will today release their long-awaited roguelite rhythm shooter ROBOBEAT for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In ROBOBEAT, you’ll play as Ace, a bounty hunter on a mission to capture the robot Frazzer in his ever-changing lair. Run on walls, slide and shoot to the beat, destroy robot armies and track your target.

Watch the launch trailer here.

ROBOBEAT is priced at $19.99, €19.49 and £16.99 on Steam and Epic Games Store with a 20% discount at launch

The game’s upbeat 38-track soundtrack will also be released exclusively on Steam, priced at $3.99, €3.99 and £3.39.

Following the recent news that two classic BPM tracks: Bullets Per Minute (Judgement and The Crypt) are included in ROBOBEAT as secret cassettes for players to find, Kwalee and ROBOBEAT are delighted to partner with New Blood Interactive to announce that the Burn in Hell from DUSK and Versus from ULTRAKILL themes are also hidden in the game.

Additionally, THE BEATSLAYER BUNDLE is available on Steam and includes the highly popular ROBOBEAT and New Blood Interactive titles, ULTRAKILL and DUSK. The BeatSlayer Bundle offers a 10% discount on all three games, offering exceptional value for gamers looking for the fast-paced excitement of these first-person shooters.

THE BEATSLAYER BUNDLE and the previously announced ROBOBEATS PER MINUTE BUNDLE (includes ROBOBEAT and BPM: Bullets Per Minute) are now available on Steam. These special packs also allow players to complete their collection if they already own any of the games included in them.

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