Horizon Chase 2 will be released on May 30

Horizon Chase 2 will be released on May 30
Horizon Chase 2 will be released on May 30

Epic Games Publishing is proud to announce that the arcade racing game, Horizon Chase 2 will go on sale on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series on May 30 starting at 8 a.m. for the retail price of $24.99 | EUR, with a 20% discount on all platforms for the first two weeks after launch. These new versions feature support for online multiplayer and cross-play between all platforms, including versions previously released on Nintendo Switch and PC on the Epic Games Store.

You can see the trailer in the following LINK.

As the evolution of the award-winning racing franchise developed by AQUIRIS, now Epic Games Brazil. Horizon Chase 2 proudly takes its arcade inspirations and turbocharges them in every way, with immersive, high-speed gameplay that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. It’s the golden age of arcade racing games returning in a modern, evolved experience.


  • Crossplay multiplayer – Thanks to Epic Online Services, all game modes can be played online and offline, from one-on-one matches to cooperative races in Around the World mode.
  • Customizable cars– Unlock new cosmetic items and upgrade your attributes in Around the World mode to find your perfect racing style.
  • Online races and challenges: Take on the best in the world and push your skills to the limit in the fast-paced Playground mode.
  • A new artistic and musical style – The game is a delight for the senses, with a vibrant new art style, climactic effects and a soundtrack by Barry Leitch.


Compete on 66 tracks spread across 6 countries around the world (and beyond!) with a unique fully 3D art style, unlock 11 cars. From the vibrant colors of each landscape to the immersive conditions of the different climates, all enhanced by a thrilling soundtrack created by Top Racer composer Barry Leitch. This game takes the arcade racing experience to a whole new level. New horizons will lead you to the beauty of an impressive and attractive visual journey.


By visiting the Garage, players will be able to easily customize various parts of their cars, choosing from a wide variety of options to suit the driver. Collect new cosmetic items and upgrade attributes in Around the World mode. Compete in different game modes and continue the cycle to earn new visual rewards. Winning races has never been so worth it.


Horizon Chase 2 was born to be a game in constant evolution, with dynamic and permanent events that will invite you to perfect your skills and brag about your victories. Big updates will bring new rewards, Playground mode will offer a new challenge every two days, and Tournament mode challenges players to be the best in collections of various races modified from Around the World mode. Both modes can be played alone or in groups of up to four players. Every day there is a great reason to compete again!

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