Wukong for the official WeGame event

Wukong for the official WeGame event
Wukong for the official WeGame event

Black Myth: Wukong is coming soon PCSteam Deck, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and this trailer just released by Game Science in WeGame makes it clear that August could be somewhat closer.

He chinese development studio took advantage of the WeGame event, leaving a new video focused on the game of less than two minutes, but putting a lot of emphasis on the action RPG.

The game has been in development long before it was presented in August 2020 with those impressive 13 minutes of gameplay, so it is good to know that there is less waiting time left.

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Now him new trailer for Black Myth: WuKong It serves to show that the monkey can also (and will) provide a lot of fuel, an adventure that mixes macaques, magic and martial arts.

There may still be many weeks until August 20, but Game Science wants to get its teeth into this one Journey to the West video game adventure.

It is true that his studio planned a launch during 2023, but the industry is that volatile – long before the coronavirus – and plans have to vary and adapt.

And since there are only a few months left before its launch, the studio took advantage of the new WeGame event to show a new Black Myth video: WuKong with playable and story parts.

We recently saw how it showed off its graphic muscle thanks to NVIDIA, these were several samples of its spectacular graphics with DLSS 3.5. and Ray Tracing.

We include the game in our catalog of 9 very little-known action games that you will want to try when they are released in 2022 or beyond.

Black Myth: Wukong reappears with a new trailer

The game is based on popular 16th century Ming dynasty novel: Journey to the Westfollows a Buddhist monk who travels from his home in southern China to India to bring back a sacred text, protected by the Monkey King.

You control a monkey that the game refers to as “the destined one“, which can transform into a flying insect or a giant monster at will.

According to the trailer, we can also see various enemies, such as a giant wolf-like creature and large insects, as well as combine spells, weapons and skills in combat.

It is clear that the reappearance of Black Myth: Wukong with this new trailer serves to demonstrate so much that some of you are going to want to play this Game Science adventure.

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