Sony would be developing a new laptop with the power of PS4

Sony would be developing a new laptop with the power of PS4
Sony would be developing a new laptop with the power of PS4

It would be Sony’s third portable console

PSP and PlayStation Vita have been Sony’s previous portables

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Years ago, after the failure of Wii U, many did not welcome Nintendo launching a portable console like the Nintendo Switch because, with a much lower power than the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, there were quite a few who predicted a new failure for the Japanese company. However, time has spoken for itself, which has resulted in the fact that, seven years after that launch, Nintendo Switch has sold more than 140 million consoles and is on its way to be the best-selling in history.

Obviously when something is successful in this industry, there are not a few who try emulate that formulawhat has been seen during these years with the launch of new portable platforms, especially highlighting the Steam Deck, which has become the most covered in the media. However, the latest rumors suggest that Xbox would be creating its own portable console facing the next generation, to which we must add that it has recently been made known that Sony would be going in the same direction.

Sony would be developing a portable console independent of PlayStation Portal

It should be noted that the portable market is no stranger to Sony, since in the past launched PSP and PlayStation Vita, the latter being the biggest commercial failure that the brand has had and what led them to abandon this format. Be that as it may, in case the 59 million PlayStation 5 sold were not enough, it has recently been leaked the supposed development of a portable console.

This comes from Anton Logvinov, through Gamingbolt, a Russian journalist who has already given very accurate leaks from Sony, so although you have to take it with a grain of salt, you can give some weight to his words. In this way, Legvinov states that Sony would be developing a new laptop which would also have the power of PS4 because several games for this console would come out at launch.

It remains to be seen what Sony ends up doing, since although it must be said that PlayStation Portal It has worked quite well to be a complement to PS5, we cannot forget that PlayStation Vita was abandoned by Sony itself in its first years, in the same way that it is being seen that even with PS5 they are not able to release more games every year. Time will tell how the play turns out.

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