straight for the throne of Samsung

straight for the throne of Samsung
straight for the throne of Samsung

One of the most serious contenders for the clamshell folding throne has just leaked in almost all of its glory. And be careful, because he comes with interesting features.

Image of the Motorola razr 50 ultra, the firm’s next foldable.

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What Motorola knows how to make folding and does it well It is an incontestable fact. We have been able to verify this in our test bench, and last year we had the opportunity to analyze the Motorola razr 40 and its older brother, the Motorola razr 40 ultra. Something became clear to us when we compared the last of them with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, and that is that Motorola had achieved bring out the colors of the Koreans.

And while details about the Galaxy Z Flip 6 are leaked and we wait for its presentation date to arrive, the new Motorola razr 50 ultra has been almost completely leaked as they tell us from SAMMobile. And, again, it seems that Koreans have reason to view the competition with some distrust.

Motorola razr 50 ultra, what is known for now

According to the specifications that have been leaked, the Motorola razr 50 ultra will have a 50 MP main sensor with OIS which is accompanied by a 50 MP telephoto sensor also with OIS, as well as a two-fold optical zoom. The front camera has a 32 MP sensor and all of them are capable of recording 4K video at 60 FPS.

As if this were not enough, to all this we must add a 6.9 inch pOLED type large screen and 165 Hz refresh rate, accompanied by a small 4-inch screen that occupies the entire upper part of the phone’s cover; without frames and integrating cameras. The resolution of the large panel will be FullHD+, while that of the small screen is not specified.

In addition to all this, we will have a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor, which will be one step below in terms of performance from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will mount (although the differences will not be particularly noticeable). In addition, the razr 50 ultra will have 12 GB of RAM and two internal storage variants: 256 and 512 GB.

Regarding the energy unit, the leaks speak of a 4,000 mAh battery. This represents an increase compared to the 3,800 mAh of the razr 40 ultra (and still below the 4,200 of the razr 40 base), but it will surely translate into an autonomy that will perform below expectations.

According to what is leaked, the Motorla razr 50 Ultra will have a Starting price of $999 in the US and €1,200 in Europe. For now, a presentation date is not known.

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