How to avoid bee and wasp stings; Tricks and recommendations – Teach me about Science

How to avoid bee and wasp stings; Tricks and recommendations – Teach me about Science
How to avoid bee and wasp stings; Tricks and recommendations – Teach me about Science

Bees are fundamental in the ecosystem, contributing to various aspects and representing one of the pillars of human and animal survival. Its value is unquestionable, which underlines the importance of conserving and protecting this invaluable species.

Did you know that World Bee Day is celebrated every May 20? This commemoration aims to raise awareness about the relevance of this small insect, responsible for pollinating thousands of flowers daily. Pollination carried out by bees is the most efficient and fastest method for this process. It is essential to consider that, like other animals, bees have a defense instinct that they use through their stinger, although this leads to their own death, since the stinger is a vital part of their anatomy.

Bee stings can be very painful, usually there is inflammation, in some more extreme cases there can be allergic reactions, breathing difficulties or loss of consciousness. In the first instance it is not considered emergency medical attention, but due to the discomfort we recommend that you act quickly.

How to avoid bee and wasp stings

Prevention is essential, as people often experience anxiety when encountering these little guardians of the ecosystem. To avoid a bee sting, it is advisable to follow the following steps:

In the event of sighting a potentially dangerous swarm, it is crucial to inform the relevant local authorities, remain calm, avoid sudden movements and refrain from using fire. It is not advisable to try to catch them; The safest thing is to leave the area slowly and calmly, avoiding running or making sudden movements.

If the number of bees is small, the most prudent thing is to continue on. In case of a bite, it is important to remove the stinger, wash the area with soap and water, avoiding rubbing or squeezing the wound forcefully, and refrain from applying alcohol. If you have any signs of allergies, it is best to go to the emergency room.

When you enter a natural environment and know that you will encounter bees, especially if there is a honeycomb, it is crucial to avoid wearing flashy clothing, as certain colors such as yellow and orange can be very attractive to them. It is suggested to opt for dark tones. Likewise, it is advisable to refrain from using sweet perfumes, because these aromas can attract not only bees, but also wasps and mosquitoes.

These recommendations are essential to prevent bee and wasp stings. It is always important to treat animals with patience and respect to avoid possible attacks.

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