Player bought a new GPU for his gaming PC, but upon receiving it he realized that it did not fit in his tower, which ended up saving him from a major problem

Updating PC hardware is a common practice among gamers of the platform, but although many have extensive knowledge of its components, There are a considerable number of gamers who go ahead and buy what they think is best without doing enough research.. This hasty approach can lead to unexpected situations, like the one a gaming enthusiast recently experienced.

A player discovered that his new GPU did not fit into his setup case. But, in a twist of the situation, this miscalculation although frustrating, It turned out to be his salvation.

A player got an unexpected surprise when trying to update his Gaming PC. The player, who had decided to replace his GTX 1060 graphics card for a GeForce GTX 1650, discovered that the new card It didn’t fit into his PC case by a mere centimeter.

The situation, reported in a Reddit post by the player Exploctopus2, highlighted the importance of properly measuring components before performing an upgrade. The title of the publication, accompanied by an image, was: “Pov: the moment where you realize that your new GPU doesn’t fit inside your case”jokingly commenting on his unfortunate situation, but, despite the initial frustration, This miscalculation ended up being beneficial to the user.

Initially, many users of the platform began to joke and advise the player, with a significant part suggesting the use of the Dremela common tool In these situations, to adapt the card to the cabinet by force.

But then, the comments on the post began to point out that, in fact, the situation was a “blessing in disguise” since the computer case had insufficient ventilation to handle the increased power of the new graphics card. If it had fit, the lack of ventilation could have caused overheating, putting the rest of the system components at risk.

Thanks to this centimeter of difference, the player avoided possible widespread damage to his PC. Now, you just need to purchase a suitable new case to enjoy your GeForce GTX 1650 without any problems.

Gamer buys an ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3080 that arrives damaged at his home, but when he claims the warranty, the manufacturer sends him 3 broken GPUs

In it pcmasterrace subreddita gamer says that he bought a graphics card ASUS RTX 3080 TUF Gaming and after that, found himself in a customer service nightmare. This is because when the card arrived broken, he requested his right to the brand’s warranty, but the manufacturer sent him three even more defective replacements.

According to him, in September 2023, sent your faulty RTX 3080 to ASUS support. To his surprise, the replacement card he received was damaged, possibly due to insufficient packaging, and this process continued until December of last year, with him experiencing the same situation twice more.

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